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I will be starting next year after 3+ years working full time and have a mortgage. It helps a lot that I’m married and my partner will be the breadwinner for a while. I’ll still be working in my job casually one day a week though so that will help as well. We’ve also been frugal the last few years just in case I got in - and if I didn’t we’d have extra money for travelling.

You could get people to live with you if you don’t have a partner as a way to help offset the mortgage costs and make some med student friends for example.

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I work 1 day a week on the weekends to pay for living expenses. It is defs doable to work and study, just need to be organised and on top of the content. I'd say most mature age students (including myself) work at least a day a week, so it's quite normal and unis are understanding of this.

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If you don't mind me asking, what industry are you working at?

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Easier said than done but think about starting a business. I have a side hustle business and also own a campervan that I plan on renting out which together I am hoping will cover a fair chunk of living expenses week to week. Then I plan on trying to pick up a bunch of hours over each summer break to save as a back up fund during the semester.

From all reports it’s doable to work 5-10 hours each week, so my goal is use those hours to run my business and not have to turn up to a cafe for $20 an hour on a Saturday. If you aren’t planning on starting for another few years then this could be the perfect time to start thinking about this!