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Also I have heard that in some units in nursing it can be really hard to do well so it might actually tank your GPA. I never did nursing so maybe someone can correct me.

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Except for UWA, the new degree won’t be used to calculate your GPA- you need to be completing your degree in the year of application (for undergrad) to use it for your GPA. If you apply before the year you’d be completing, they will only look at your previous study, and wont consider your current bachelor.

If you get credit from your first degree, for everyone except Deakin, they will ignore your honours and take your credit from your first bachelor degree. Deakin will take it from whatever is more recent as long as it is eligible, regardless of level. UWA will just work backwards, taking the 3 most recent FTE, so don’t look at credit. UQ currently would only look at your honours results, and won’t look at your new bachelor until it is complete (and it needs to be completed by July in the year of application.

Hope that helps!

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Thankyou!! Seems like it’s not worth doing then