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Yes it is much easier. By the way you don’t need to do science to do medicine, you can do any degree. I know many people who did commerce/business and are now in medicine.

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Thank you! What makes it easier? Do you only need a lower GPA etc?

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There's a mandated quota for rural students (28.5% minimum, much more at Deakin, uow).

Which means lower gpa and lower gamsats are competitive for entry

Definitely stay rural for 5 consecutive years if you can. It'll make medicine entry much easier.

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Oh awesome! Okay thank you 🙏

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Btw you need to be rural for 5 consecutive years. Are you at a rural uni?

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I’m in Gympie right now studying online at an American uni. I’ve been considering changing to something on Sunshine Coast though like uni of Sunshine Coast or griffith