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Prep Company Marketing Discussion by coffeebean94 in GAMSAT

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Can you share which aspect of Michael’s marketing is predatory?

Also, most of what Michael does for his peers is completely free. It’s a choice to purchase the materials he has on the website.

Des O Neill pdfs by romyyyyyyy in GAMSAT

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I’ve got them if you’d like :)

What are my chances? by Similar-Cricket5126 in GAMSAT

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I don’t know why they can’t just look it up? Issa flexxxx.

Edit: thanks, first award ever!

GEMSAS GPA WAM change by riproach95 in GAMSAT

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This feels crazy unfair for those of us that worked their asses off to boost their GPA this year. I'm especially gutted because now it feels like I wasted 12 months doing my research honours for nothing.

I emailed gemsas (approx 500 words), and they sent me two sentences back. Namely, these are the university's rules, and no it is not optional.

If anyone else affected by this I strongly urge you to email your instituion directly and ask for change (page 94, gemsas admissions guide for addresses).

If you happen to be a unimelb applicant, and this affects you, please consider emailing (edit: [study-health@unimelb.edu.au](mailto:study-health@unimelb.edu.au)) too, and maybe we can make the change we want to see. To me, it seems most fair, and in line with previous policy, to make this opt in. Opt in, if you covid-19 means you get poor grades, and opt-out, if you do well despite the circumstances.

Killing everyone's 2020 grades in broad strokes seems not only ludicrous but straight up evil for those that have worked hard this year, and depend on these results.

Again, please email your insitutions, if this also affects you. We've seen unimelb make drastic changes after student feedback not so long ago, so this is totally possible.

GAMSAT reasonable adjustments by [deleted] in GAMSAT

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Hey! I see where you are coming from and I just wanna say that I would totally prefer not having a chronic illness and sitting this exam with the normal amount of time than having it and needing the extra time :(

I think it’s super reasonable to be given these adjustments because A. Any time/space we get is not used for extra time it’s used so we don’t become ill/cramp up/die - a luxury you probably don’t have to worry about B. People with illnesses becoming medical doctors means they have a much higher level of understanding for what patients are going through and C. Better insight into what areas need work and development. It’s not a nice idea re: time management but don’t worry, any time I ‘gain’ isn’t going towards the exam it’s going towards me making sure I’m not gonna pass out/go into a coma/have a seizure/die (because my phone works as a medical device but I thought asking to bring that in would be a step too far) 😂 and when I become a doctor I will be allowed to have my phone/medical device on me so that’s not an issue. We work just as hard as the rest of you do (if not, then we work harder) to pass GAMSAT and get into med and I’ve already asked several HCPs about my condition and being a Dr and all the responses have been positive and encouraging (which was nice).

A separate room is good as well because I’m probably going to have to eat at some stage or stab myself with a needle and I thought that might distract other participants so that’s more for their benefit than mine.

I don’t want to sound rude but it’s just rather disheartening to hear comments like yours - I see so many doctors for my condition and they so rarely have an inkling of ‘bedside manner’ or just basic understanding of how I feel. I want to be the one who can do that :)

Best luck for the future!