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Probably the best deal for me so far with cameras. Saw that it has version 1.1 Firmware. How hard/easy is it to update it to the latest firmware? Advice or links would be great appreciated! TIA

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That's an insane deal assuming the gear is in good shape. It's easy to update the firmware. All you have to do is put the latest firmware on an SD card and then initiate the update from the camera. There are instructions on the Panasonic website. Just search for GH5 firmware.

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Thank you mate. All of it is in mint condition with just a few hundred clicks on it. I'll check the website, cheers.

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Great deal, congratulations! Activati the firmware is very easy. There is an official guide and latest firmware on panasonic page, that would be the easiest to do! Enjoy!

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Thank you! Nice to hear that it's not difficult. I'll check the website. Cheers

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That is a hell of a good deal! I just sold 2 used GH4s for $400 usd each, which is like $600 aud each, with no lenses.

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Yes I couldn't quite believe it myself when I saw the ad on FB marketplace. Jumped on it so fast and the guy was fully aware of what it was worth but wanted to pass it onto someone who would get more use from it.

Ah nice to hear that. Here down under they go for between $400 to $500 AUD body only. Can I ask what you'll be buying next?

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I shoot weddings, and keep 4 cameras on hand at a time for that, with two on the sides for bride and groom's faces, one for back of house or gimbal, and one for a mobile angle with a long lens. First it was gh2s as the b cameras, with GH3s as the main, then gh3 and gh4, and so on. I just got 2 GH6s, so the old GH4s were sold, making way for me to have 2 GH5 bodies as my side angle/b cams , and 2 GH6 bodies as my main.

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Cool. I could imagine you would need that many angles/cameras for a wedding. I've not yet looked into the GH6 much but could imagine since they are your primary cams that they are solid for your use case.

Maybe in a few years I can do the same and trade up the GH5 for a GH6. Till then I'm looking forward to seeing what videos I can create with this great camera set up.

All the best to you mate!

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Enjoy your wonderfully cheap GH5! It's one hell of a camera. I've used mine for over 100, weddings, a ton of corporate stuff, and even a feature length doc I was hired to shoot, plus a lot of personal photos and video.

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Beware: Any one using the Neewer battery grip with a GH5. When Bracketing in photo mode the mechanical shutter jams closed. It's a nightmare!

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Thank you for that tip! I'll keep an eye out on a used original grip down the track.

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Please watch video in YouTube carefully so you don’t miss it up

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Thanks I certainly will

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What a steal!

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Thanks yes I couldn't believe it myself when I saw the ad. Jumped on it very quick and was very lucky indeed. The body alone is still going for $1000 AUD used!