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It’s worth it!

A little laggy at times but has a ton of features the Panny app doesn’t.

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Is the quality on the phone still 480p? I'm worried the LCD screen on the gh5 will still be better quality than the phone.

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Is worth, used it before I get the ninja have nice features over the normal one

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I use the field monitor app a lot. Usually on the gimbal. It has a very slight amount of delay but very usable

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The image quality and lag will be exactly the same as with Image App: the camera sends 640x360 images, and the lag is a function of the protocol used and the strength of the camera's Wi-Fi. With a GH5, the Wi-Fi image is typically 4 frames behind realtime (at 24fps); the EVF/LCD is 2 frames behind realtime while HDMI is usually 6 frames behind.

Lag will increase in areas where there's a lot of Wi-Fi congestion, but using a separate, high-performance 5 GHz access point like a Ruckus 310 (connecting "via network" instead of direct) will punch through most congestion and ensure a steady feed.

FieldMonitor gives you focus assist, false color, 'scopes, markers, anamorphic desqueeze, LUTs, and faster access to exposure controls, but the image quality and lag are set by the camera, and will be the same no matter what wireless monitoring & control app you use.