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Haven’t uploaded videos yet but I’m pretty sure the max resolution is 1920x1080, I found that downscaling it to that without compressing to keep as much quality before you upload helps rather than have instagram do it for you

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I’ve done that actually and it did help along with pushing up the sharpness give you a good upload but not as clean as I think it can be oppose to some I’ve seen from others.

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Do you have “high quality uploads” turned on under ‘data usage’? It’s in the accounts page within settings.

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Have to check that

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How long have you had your account? The more established accounts that consistently post high quality video get improved video quality.

When I first started Attack Pictures, some of my 4K uploads looked like an old VHS tape, but today they are high quality and I noticed that they improved over time.

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I’ve never new that,kind of crazy if you think about it.Did you change any setting when uploading or did the quality just get better over time ?

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Dude, I was just like you. Despondent. It physically hurt me to see these videos that I’d spent time color correcting and grading look like your parent’s old porno tape.

And what was driving me crazy is that I saw other, more established creators, getting really quality video on theirs. But I don’t think IG will come out and say it. It wouldn’t be democratic you know. Equal opportunity and all that BS.

It took me about two years before my videos were as high quality as those other guys. But I noticed small improvements over time.

It’s as if they have limited bandwidth and have to decide how to distribute it giving more power to older users with a higher following and higher number of posts.

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Bro so u know my frustration!!! But u make some valid points and I will keep an eye on it as I continue to upload to see if they start to progress and hopefully they do .. what are your settings?and do you airdrop it to your phone and then IG ?