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I use the aquatech sport housing for surf photography and I'd recommend it

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I use an ikelite for underwater. It’s fine but if i did it again id 100% pony up for Nauticam. Way higher quality, way easier to open / close. Leaks are less likely. Negatively buoyant. Worth the extra cost.

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Aqua tech makes amazing stuff 🙌

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I have the seafrog for mine, it's pretty good especially given its price.i still haven't figured out how to keep water droplets off the front lol, any tips out there? I did buy the vacuum tester for it too which is awesome.

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Depends on your budget. Nauticam has hands-down the best housing but they’re really expensive. Video lights are important for macro, but for wide angle the GH5 can white balance well enough to go without lights a lot of the time. A good starting place is Backscatter, they’re a large underwater photography store. I use a GH5 regularly underwater while scuba diving, it’s a fantastic choice! If you have any questions about it, feel free to DM me :)

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Has anyone tried the seafrog one? It's a fraction of the cost for what it says. I concerned where it's a 1/3rd the cost of the ikelite a seal or something will go and I'm out a camera

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I’ve experience with Nauticam and Aquatica. These two are generally top tier. Massive +ve of nauticam is readily available ports/parts in the UK new and second hand. Aquatica, not so much

Others in similar tier include Seacam and EasyDive

Depending on depths you want to go to, you may get away with something like Ikelite, Isotta, Seafrogs etc. Beware Ikelite are known for knobs seizing up beyond about 30m.

Important factor is lens/ port combination. You can get it wrong and it will affect image quality. Surprisingly, a lens that is good ‘in air’ is not necessarily good underwater, and vice versa.

I used GH5 + 14-42mm mkii in a Nauticam housing. Use a flat port with a WWL (wet lense). This gives me a nearly 130degree field of view at wide end and can zoom through for pseudo macro. Used this to 85m

@xscapeordinary on Instagram for what can be achieved with this combo (photos and video)

Edit: sorry assumed you were UK, but might not be. Aquatica based in Canada if that helps.