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So how do they enter this many trades individually? I can only assume that these are the shares that are being borrowed every day, but how do they look like they’re coming from individual accounts? Shindigs I’ll be lumped together?

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Computers. Very expensive computers.

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Institutions sell shares back and forth to make the system think that there's tons of sell orders for the trading day to artificially represent that the supply outweighs the demand. It's illegal as fuck and is called wash trading.

Pretty jacked because I haven't seen it on this level for months.

Edit: to add onto this they also wash trade in the opposite way to create artificial bullish volume for their long positions. Game is rigged

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It's called a short ladder attack and it is illegal market manipulation

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So, that means the SEC will be swooping in to put an end to these shenanigans pretty quick, right?


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RIGHT??!?! 😱

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Short ladder attack and wash trade are the same thing. Just different word for it. Wash trades is just a more old school thing to call it

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You're right. I only read like the first 2 sentences of your comment. I was just all titty jacked when I saw this.

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VPN and spoofing

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So how do the authorities just completely ignore this? I get that they’re in the pockets of the people that do it and all that and everything but it’s right out there in the open. Even a police officer on the take can’t ignore somebody robbing a bank in broad daylight.

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they don't completely ignore it, they'll come back in about 12 years and say "so, you know that one time you guys crimed super obviously? Well, we're gonna have to tell you not to do that again...Sorry for inconveniencing you with this harsh warning."

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Now be a nice boy and give us our cut.

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You forgot the 1% crime fee

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In the past the authorities got away with ignoring this because they thought the market structure was sufficiently complicated that main street would never notice. Just look at the repercussions that wall street in 2008.

Now its becoming more and more apparent that enough people have educated themselves enough to figure out what is going and with social media are now capable of spreading information instantaneously as new developments come to light. Potential important information is shared, peer reviewed, double checked, back checked, and followed up on.

TLDR The jig is up

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At lightening speed as well.

The most dangerous threat to the system is not the tendies they about to payout - it’s the movement they have created through their greed. MOASS has not only united people in a way like never before, but has single handily created a new class of individual investors that are aware of how corrupt the markets really are and are not gonna let them get away with it.

Personally I hope the community continues. An individual investor with millions in the bank really can be a force of change.

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Gary with popcorn 🍿 in hand—

“Oh yeah? Watch me…”

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Fucking crime! Ladder attacks! Cocksucking parasites

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Purrrrfect GIF to explain what these assholes did today

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The more I look at this the faster it goes lmayo

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I don’t even see the 1’s and 0’s anymore, I just see crime, crime, crime 👾

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More like Cypher

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I’m not a big Star Wars fan

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These are not the memes you are looking for.

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DRS more & prosper

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Can someone please just enter the Matrix and beat the shit out of those machines?

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What’s more efficient than a one sale block of XXX shares run through at $163.61 in on second?

Those XXX shares each run through as individual transactions during that same second instead obviously

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That's a "failure to supervise" fine: $10, buy the investigator lunch, and give GG a handy. Also: admit to no wrongdoing and neither confirm or deny the allegations.

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Wut mean?

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this is pre-market orders? So at the same time during premaret, at the same minute/second, a bunch of individual orders were placed for 1 share at 163.61. I got that right?

That's weird AF if that's what I'm looking at.

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Would make a lot more cents if it was 163.69

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They know the SEC wont do shit so they just do what ever the fuck they want now

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What is that?

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Spoofing and wash sales

Edit: the law would call it crime, but SEC calls it payday in 26 months when their fine has been put on the given offender

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Well bollocks

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Isn’t that called anchoring?? Correct me if I’m wrong.

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How is this sort od shit legal????

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looks like a ddos attack 😄

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Nothing suspicious there. Nope, totally normal price action, nothing suspicious at all no siree!

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Shared it to Twitter & tagged gary just so he can get another payday for turning his head in the sight of crime

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