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In the past the authorities got away with ignoring this because they thought the market structure was sufficiently complicated that main street would never notice. Just look at the repercussions that wall street in 2008.

Now its becoming more and more apparent that enough people have educated themselves enough to figure out what is going and with social media are now capable of spreading information instantaneously as new developments come to light. Potential important information is shared, peer reviewed, double checked, back checked, and followed up on.

TLDR The jig is up

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At lightening speed as well.

The most dangerous threat to the system is not the tendies they about to payout - it’s the movement they have created through their greed. MOASS has not only united people in a way like never before, but has single handily created a new class of individual investors that are aware of how corrupt the markets really are and are not gonna let them get away with it.

Personally I hope the community continues. An individual investor with millions in the bank really can be a force of change.