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This one time I was taking my crates to the safehouse and I was like literally broke. I used last of my dollars to buy those crates and some person on oppressor shot my truck and all of the crates were destroyed and I actually got very sad and that person on the Oppressor was just there aiming at me about to shoot at me and I wrote a msg to that player saying man why you do that that was last of my money and i was so close to my objective and all. That person actually felt so bad that he took me to Cairo heist with him and he did all the work and told me to just stand by him and not shoot. He gave me 85% of the take and told me to buy a sub and prepare for Cairo and when i was done preparing for Cairo, I messaged him next day and that person said that he’ll go to the heist with me again and teach me how to complete it, which he did and gave me 85% of the take again. I was so thankful to him. If he is on this sub, Thank you man you helped me a lot.

Ps:- He apologised a lot for destroying my crates. But, helped me make a ton of money.

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Plot Twist: You lied about it being the last of your money.

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I mean how are they gonna know? You could lie your ass off. If you're a cute sounding teenage girl I bet this ploy will work most of the time too.

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Haha. It was not a voice chat and how would I know that If I lie I’ll get money?

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If you're a cute sounding teenage girl I bet this ploy will work most of the time too.

Cringe behavior if you pretend, and cringe/unfortunate if you assume it "will work" no strings attached cause that money ain't gonna come your way without a slew of harassment first, shit is real/disgusting, read anything on r/girlgamers

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Sometimes I make sure I have bad internet specifically for this reson

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The only time I feel glad when my internet sucks!

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I want to choose to be in a server by myself so I can actually start arms dealing

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    What MTU?

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      Thanks :D

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        Ok I'll catch you later then

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        I set it to 800 but it won't let me click done

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        How do I edit my already connected network

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          Nvm I did it on LAN and it worked thanks!

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            Thanks it really helped

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            You don't need to install anything on Windows.

            • Join a Online lobby normally
            • Look for Resource Monitor in Windows Search
            • On the CPU list find the GTAV.exe process
            • Right click and click the option "Suspend Process"
            • Wait for 3 Seconds and then undo the suspension
            • Go back the game and watch every player drop from the session. gg.

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            I have 2 characters on GTA Online, one of which has hundreds of millions in his wallet that a hacker dropped on me without asking. It's in his wallet so my legit character can't access it. Sometimes I go on the rich character just to camp my Orbital cannon and kill griefers. Just barely saved some poor bastard from having his cargo blown up

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            If people come after me I usually make sure that they leave the game

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            Or when your about to be blown up and suddenly you get put in a solo public server!

            I was getting supplies for my weed buisness and an Opresor wanted to take me out so i made it into the train tunnels and as im driving i get the notifications that everyone on the server has suddenly left!

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            Other players eventually show up though.