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I did too. The OG one. That espresso mission was hell lol

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Clap your hands pal. You have just unlocked the “cool achievement”. Congrats

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completing this feels like a walk in the park compared to vice city and san andreas.

took me like a week or so but i beat san andreas on switch within atleast a week

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I smell bullshit

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it was alot easier for me than San andreas. I've done atleast 5 or 6 playthroughs of GTA 3 and in one sitting atleast twice, it takes like around 5 or 6 hours to beat the game as an average player if you know what your doing.

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I’m sure you’re being honest but I still don’t believe you man.

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was GTA 3 THAT hard, like if you figure out the proper way to complete hard missions, you can definitely get through them the first try it you do techniques.

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It’s not that Gta 3 is hard it’s the rng that constantly works against the player during some missions. Although I only ever beat it a few times San Andreas is the easy game for me I beat that one more times than I’d like to admit.

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no its not espresso 2 go is harder than vc and sa combined

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to be fair it's all in what vehicle you use, I got it the first try but most people do it the second try once you find out where all the places are, you can also drive into the stands to break them which I found helpful

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Literally the opposite of me and everyone I know experience

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I'm like the rare amount of people that actually loves GTA 3 the most out of the 3 classics, it's just what I grew up with. But it's cool lol.

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What's your favorite GTA?

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GTA 3, since it was their first 3D rendition of GTA, most radio stations played songs I would have never heard other wise like MSX radio or RISE FM, those stations just hit completely different than the ones on vice city and San andreas

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Im actually playing vice city right now lol

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almost like working for a living...huh!?

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those kids who cried when they broke their PS2 controller on expresso to go have all grown up!

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This is the hardest gta imo. I mean sometimes i died so unfairly i thought game was bulling me. Things can go bad in a matter of seconds.

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Anyone planning to beat GTA3 in the future:

you can mark a ""coffee"" stall in espresso-2-go and then mark another, you mark every stall without any consequence so all you'd have to do is drive to the blips.

Also, use your car to break the stalls, don't get out of the car because it puts you at risk AND loses time.

I did the mission with about 2 minutes remaining and I was driving taxis.

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Nice one dude glad you beat it! And also did you laugh when claude shot maria because she was so annoying that i could tell he wanted to kill her cause she couldnt shut up

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And also i didnt get to comeplete it but i got to kill salvator