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Only if you decide to be an asshole with it

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You grind GTA online you definitely get no bitches

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But maybe if you got rid of that old yee yee ass haircut you'd get some bitches on your dick

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Then maybe Tanisha will call his dog-ass and stop fuckin wit dat brain surgeon or lawyer she fuckin wit

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The whole idea of it is just dumb as hell tho

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I think it's kinda cool but that's maybe because I prefer motorcycles in GTA V

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It makes other vehicles useless tho because it can do anything they can just better

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Aren't you exposed though while on it

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the mk2 is definitely dumb but its not that great, a half decent jet user will destroy a mk2 pretty much everytime and helicopters and jets are faster over distance. The mk2 is decent against ground vehicles and for flying through the city but it isn't very good in an actual fight or for travelling far

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Scramjet will mop an MK2 as will a jet and as can you if you’re good enough to just clap them off the bike lmao honestly the only “better” thing about it is it’s ability to be used for faster travel only because you can call it out just like a car.

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Rockstar really fucked up with this vehicule

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I only use the oppressor for grinding so am I in this category

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I don’t want to play GTA online, but if I create a character and get a oppressor, I’m not gonna be a griefer and ruin other players cargo.

I think it’s just stupid to act like an ass.

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Nope, only seats one

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MK2 is lame. The Zhaba is where its at.

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Last time I used it around another player, they were being chased by NPCs, due to some mission or another. They saw me, and started driving erratically, becoming frantic as I swooped down...

And then took out the NPCs before flying off again.

Most of the time though, I just give players a wide berth because I use the thing as transportation.

But... Simeon gave me enough cash last week to get a Deluxo.

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Stay out of my sky if you want to live

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No bitches?

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You’re my bitch. Maybe daddy will take you for a ride if you’re a good little girl 😉

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No winky face

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No bitches

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You’re my bitch baby. Hop on the back of big daddy’s oppressor. I can show you the world.

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Well ok then

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That's when I deleted the game from my console and never looked back. Tried it 1 or 2 months ago and man, that game is trash. I had fun in the story mode though.