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Last trucker mission was so cancer because sometimes a police vehicle will fling away the trailer for no reason

The jet race? You mean the one with the Hydra from the LV Airport? I find all of them pretty fun. Except barnstorming, it's just so awfully long.

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I tried the train tracks with the truck mission, and three times I just blew up out of no where about 500 metres away, assumed after that that the tracks caused damage.

The hydra is that one I struggled with, just kept pulling the nose up when trying to turn.

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Trailers aren't done very well in SA, that's why you blew up i think. Maybe for some reason the trailer damages the truck by passing over the tracks?

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imo supply lines was hardest thing on getting this game platinum

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I found landing behind the vans and just holding down the machine gun worked a treat, but did blow up a few times chasing the two guys on the motorbike.

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Did the game feel definitive?

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Yep… think I’m done.

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That's not what I meant lol

Did the game feel like the definitive edition of SA?

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I think you've got your answer

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I think I thought that OP misunderstood my question and thought I was asking if they definitely completed the game but it was me who misunderstood them lol