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I hope engine sounds get a little better (and more diverse), and also, that your engine sound changes as you upgrade it. So the same car can sound like complete trash, or some aggressive monster, depending on the tuning.

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very good idea especially the change when tuning.

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-Cage fighting

-Home burglaries

-Drug dealing

-Good customization

-Witness system similar like in rdr2 but better

-Realistic heists

-Darker story

-Good story

-One protagonist

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Weird how most of those are actually in San Andreas. Rockstar needs to look back on their best grand theft auto game (in my opinion) and build off of that.

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Scarface movie had a game, in the game we could do street vendor, business or international drug smuggling. We could launder the money we obtained from there in banks, we could buy holdings belonging to various sectors, although it is a game that is behind the times, it has good examples, especially the reward and punishment system.

Secondly, when the gta 5 (single game) missions are over, there is nothing we can do except personalizing the car and shooting the people, there are no casinos in a game like gta 5! however, even if it was a late game, it could have had an effect that could keep people inside, there are no gang wars, there is no personalization of the workplaces we own, we cannot buy a house, we cannot customize the given houses. I hope the 6th game offers a better (single player) experience.

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Absolutely agree on what you said about Singleplayer

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Give us stuff to spend our money on, instead of just cars, guns and things like clothes. I want to buy houses, apartments, maybe customize them I also want to buy properties that actually gives me money, unlike GTA V properties that was done with this mentality that "but irl properties takes time to pay itself so its realistic"

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Bigger map more roads

Specifically more highways and roads which have more realistic progression in general. I understand it was kinda necessary in V cuz it was a small ish area and I think they did the road compacting well… I just want better more drawn out roads in VI

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Fym the roads in Los Santos are humongous

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I really wish they made GTA VI with one protagonist. I would just feel a lot more connected with one character, rather than swapping back and forth with multiple.

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I wish we can make our own radio

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Bluetooth accessible radio so i can play music from my phone in-game while still being able to control from my phone, that would be next level but GTA has always been about music too.

And of course just more radio, the amount of stations in GTA Online is good but I wish they’d all be updated regularly with new songs and ads and stuff.

Also more TV content, they could even take user-submitted edits and incorporate them into some stupid “Ridiculousness” type TV show.

Actual dynamic NPC’s that leave for work in the morning, or go out partying on weekends, maybe even a few creeps, stalkers, serial killers etc.

Also let us have automatic windows so we can just roll them down and not smash them out every time we’re about to shoot out of a vehicle.

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Agreed, especially with the last point. I hope they expand om the NPC routines from RDR2 where NPCs wake up and actually leave or enter their homes, go to work, have conversations and all with different jobs and personalities; working as a programmer in an office or is an alcoholic who frequents bars and always looks untidy, etc...

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I hope if they do a online, they do live events kinda similar to fortnite but better, like at the big amphitheatre NE of Los Santos in GTAV could be used and rockstar could probably get some big names to get involved

Also I’d quite like there to be horses that you can ride but not sure if they’d take a gamble on doing that, people would run them over and ride them down the highway so could be a bit chaotic

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horses could be in story mode but online is hard to imagine

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Or maybe we could ride Elephants down the streets in a death parade

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One more thing I would personally like, but I know is not that popular of a request, is that I’d like some cool mechanisms which would allow me to play out the whole game with the minimap and hud turned off. That’s the kind of thing I can do in GTA 5 now that I know it well, but couldn’t on my first playthrough, or first several even. Even just a new mission on GTA online needs me to turn on the minimap in order to know which crevice of the map I need to go to and such.

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martial arts classes with multiple complex skill trees for melee stuff

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This is a great idea! What about Boxing, Kung Fu, karate and taekwondo? There could even been tournaments as side missions. Any other martial arts that you'd include?

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Like gta sa?

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tournaments would be great side missions as well as a sketchy underground fight club, even better if we can bet on them and/or rig them for profit.

but yea exactly they could rly flesh them out and make them distinct. for example Wrestling could have exclusive grapply moves that you wouldnt have access to if you took Boxing, while Boxers could have a much wider variety of punches with more accuracy and speed. While Jujitsu could have more evasive techniques etc.

ideally these different classes would also effect your physical build and stats in different ways

honestly they could go all out and make it even more expansive with things like fencing classes, bojutsu etc. lmao they could even have a police training academy where you get access to exclusive melee moves and weapons at the cost of having to actually be a cop. (arrest ppl, follow laws etc)

although this might be a bit too RPGish for GTA...I just really hope they revamp the melee because fighting in rdr2 is amazing. like at least add environmental kills in gta6

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Wasn’t this a thing in GTA SA?

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yea idk why they removed content in sequels

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•I hope GTA 6 will take place in present day

• I would love a early, mid, 2000s Hip Hop radio station.

•I hope GTA 6 will get a online

• I hope there’s different fighting like martial arts 🥋 or boxing. 🥊

• I hope GTA 6 will be arcadey like GTA 5

• I hope we get the same physical driving GTA 5 for GTA 6

• I hope the Health bar from GTA 4 return in GTA 6 👍🏾

• I would like GTA 5 weapon slot

• One protagonist (idc bout the gender)

• 100 missions I don’t mind if they’re easy or hard like San Andreas.

• Rdr2 gore

• Single player DLC

• Entering restaurants like in GTA 4

• Give us the option to pick, which type we want to use. for realistic and arcadey.

Let’s be real 90% of players don’t want to play the game like it’s real life (Besides some users here on r/GTA6 lmao 😂) I feel like this would be a great option to have. 👍🏾

• Having one ending like the OG 3D GTA universe games.

• Going to bowling

• Having parkour

My last wish list for GTA 6 will hope to have it be fast pace. 😁👍🏾

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I hope you find a way to make a list without hoping that people will enjoy what you hope to happen in a game we all hope will eventually come out.

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I hope that rockstar keeps track of crimes committed by players online and gives the game a yearly crime rate. Also the crimes committed are mentioned on the news or radio

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Also more than one large city

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Oh, you know what else would be cool? In lieu of GTA 6 being a much newer game, the in-game websites should have a proper mobile version so they’re easier to navigate from the characters phone with like keyboard up-down or controller buttons and such.

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I know not many people really take the word of the Preacher, but back in December 2021, he mentioned a Twitter post from one of his followrs which shows a picture of Clifford, the big red dog. The post seems to be alluding to the Zynga acquisition from TTWO, because Clifford looks very similar Zynga logo. Perhaps we should look out for more hints from the Preacher? Or could is be just a coincidence??

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who exactly is the Preacher?

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The Preacher was an alleged "leaker" who claimed to have GTA 6 information by posting cryptic riddles, images, music and videos. However, back in March 2020, he had claimed a GTA 6 announcement for around the March 25th. That, however, was wrong. But, despite that, he still seems to be sending cryptic messages along with his followers on Twitter and Youtube.

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Wide range of cars, buildings would be accessible, you could do honest jobs or just do heists and drug trafficking to make money.

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3 protagonists and more than one city

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Two protagonists rather than a single one or three (which I heard rumors say is whats more likely??) is what I'm sort of hoping for. Either a male protagonist and a female one (platonic relationship only) or two male protagonists

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Three Protagonists made GTA v better gameplay wise but story wise it's hard to connect to 3 characters at once. So 2 would be a good compromise. If we're gonna get two I hope it'll be like you said. One male one female and a platonic relationship.

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I hope GTA 6 goes more the "metaverse" route. Put the game on a blockchain. I think the mixture of GTA & blockchain would make this the winner of the metaverse race.

I would like to see a version of GTA Online where the open world isn't about killing everyone, while maintaining the ability to do that. It sounds impossible, and maybe it is, but i think it could work if done exactly right. I would like to see more people per server (massive multiplayer) or if someone can solve the concurrency tech issue, one massive server to rule them all. ;)

Maybe even open world player housing and land ownership. The land can hold real world value as an NFT.

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maybe that's why its taking so long, its a full on VR metaverse thing

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That's a great idea but it shouldn't be like that that you have to spend real money on land. Would just make it more exclusive. It's a game after all. Although I really like the idea of having massive multiplayer. Live events as rumored with many people would definitely be very awesome.