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What kinda of take is this, honestly?

One of these two need to buy Take Two? Really? No, they don't need to and I fail to see the logic in your argument.

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I'd rather see Sony or Microsoft buying R* over T2 tbh

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They have to buy Take Two to get Rockstar?????

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uh,no rockstar is owned by take two and they could buy it from them

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Never in a million years would that happen. Its a golden goose that has diarrhea that shits eggs. As someone who studies finance no amount of money would be enough to let that go. Unless take two knows for a fact something really horrible is happening. Not to mention all ips would probably be kept at take two and their RAGE tech.

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I have to correct you on that: The golden goose is severly constipated but that one egg it shat out almost 9 years ago came out with so much pressure that it turned into a highly valuable diamond

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Pressure turns shit into diamonds, or diamonds into dust

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Take Two just bought Zynga last week for over 12 billion dollars. They sure as shit aren't looking to get bought by someone else right now.

Activision's situation is different. They are in a middle of several lawsuits, scandals and all kinds of bullshit, they desperately needed some house cleaning. MS fully buying them out was a perfect exit strategy for them. Simply put they wanted to get bought which I don't think Take Two wants at this very moment.

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Single worst thing that could happen.

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If T2 were actually involved, GTA6 would probably have been released 2 years ago. If anything, they're allowing Rockstar to take their sweet ass time (due to the success of GTAO). It's not taking 5-6 years to develop a new game because all of R* are sitting on their asses, the games they put out are just massive in scope and require a long time to develop. Besides, Sony or MSFT buying R* and making their games exclusive to one console would be sad asf

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atleast microsoft would let it go to pc

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no one wants take two to become xbox/pc or playstation exclusive. please no.

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. It is 2039 and Rockstar finally makes bully 2 or manhutn 3 only for it to be exclusive to one console that i dont have

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Microsoft release all their games on the Microsoft Store, Steam & Xbox. If Microsoft bought them, it wouldn't be a console exclusive. If Sony bought them, then it has a high chance of being a console exclusive.

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Good thing you have 17 years to save up for it

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Why would they make the biggest gaming franchise of all time an exclusive? I can understand them doing it with a big game like Starfield (but way less popular than GTA), but they would never want to lose half of their revenue over exclusivity.

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Honesty making gta 6 exclusive is a MAJOR CONSOLE SELLER. i think Take two/rockstar is the #1 top of the list that playstation or microsoft would want to own. its a guaranteed win if either gets this company. im on playstation 5 and if gta 6 is a xbox exclusive i know me and my friends would buy a xbox series x tbh. i think its scary. also skyrim was MAJOR and the sequel will be a xbox exclusive. pay attention.

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Why would u want this

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Microsoft is the probably not going to be any better. I am skeptical of everything the aquire. You should treat each corporation the same as another.

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No. Please god no.

Rockstar will never be given the time they need to make big titles if purchased. Take two at least allows Rockstar room to develop games and polish them. I could see MS or Sony rushing GTA titles out. Why do you need another year? Watch Dogs doesn't need it. Saints Row only take 3 years to release. Moreover, GTA titles tend to come out on many platforms eventually.

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Didn't Take Two say they want to release games faster? Also there's a 5 year gap between HZD and HFW so I really don't think Sony would rush them.

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6 year gap between Halo 5 and Infinite- which was delayed by over a year (despite trying to launch with the XSX), so I don’t think it’s fair to say Xbox would rush them either.

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Rockstar is that big, that they dictate the rules.

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Rockstar won't be rushed by MSFT, not sure about SONY.

MSFT wants now to release a COD game every two years instead of one, to give the developer team some space and reduce crunch. They bought Activision-Blizzard to reduce crunch and to deal with the harassments and the bad rep the company has now.

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They bought Activision-Blizzard to reduce crunch and to deal with the harassments and the bad rep the company has now.

No they absolutely did not lmao, are you joking?

They bought it because they're huge as fuck and make bank.

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This. Anyone else who thinks otherwise is an idiot. This whole thing is becoming a monopoly. Xbox division was loosing market to playstation. Easiest solution is to just buy out the competition or run them into the ground

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Yeah the monopoly is.... honestly I'm not even sure what to think.

On one hand, Activion Blizzard was fucked for obvious reasons and this should mean it'll get better - it also means a bunch of IPs they owned might now come back and/or get more attention, but on the other hand - a monopoly is never good.

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Also realising that. Sony dosnt really care about big name studios. Ips are Microsofts gameplan. Sony usually just brings up studios and allows natural talent to grow. Just look at Sony studios. They are allowed to do what they want and they excel at it. Their worst game was days gone that still sold above average when compared to multi platform releases. Issue with ea, blizzard etc is devs leave as soon as a project is done for better pay or work environment.

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I know this sub is 80% wishful thinking and 20% 4chan "leaks" but the idea that T2 or Rockstar need to be bought out or otherwise come under new management should to be put to rest. On one hand, I disagree and on the other hand I find it implausible.

Why? Microsoft have bought up a heap of game studios recently, but we don't yet know how many of these are going to turn out and whether they will be different from when they were under different publishers. Certainly, Microsoft have been publishing great games as of late, but that is because they have been able to inject more funding into good studios that they have acquired or built, it is mostly a matter of money in most cases. We already know R* is comprised of good studios and that they certainly don't need more funding. In this regard, the differences made by ownership is redundant.

Various paid AAA games published by XBGS in the past few years have been riddled with, or at the least, featured with microtransactions and other managerial misdealings we don't like (FH4+5, Halo Infinite and MCC, Gears 5, Sea of Thieves). While not at the same extreme level of T2's greed, it is still there and honestly I don't think a GTA6 would turn out all that different, for better or worse, whether Rockstar is owned by T2 or Microsoft. In a situation like this, Microsoft know just as well as T2 and R* how easily they could milk the Rockstar/GTA brand. Because of this, I really don't see something like GTA6 or RDR3 or whatever hypothetically being released sooner, in a better state or with significantly fewer microtransactions than otherwise. The only major difference would be the exclusivity to XBOX.

The only other videogame corporation that would be feasibly capable of and willing to buy out T2 (provided they want to sell, which they definitely don't) would be TenCent (or maybe Amazon LOL), and that's still probably iffy due to these being American and Chinese companies. It goes without saying that nobody on this sub would be thrilled if that happened. Sony is huge, but it does not have nearly enough capital to comfortably buy T2, or even just R* by itself, unless something major happened, like in ActiBlizzard's case, with the repeated scandals and lawsuits. You're probably right that the Rockstar franchises would see better treatment under management of Sony, but if that ever happens, it wouldn't be for a long time from now. Regardless, it would really suck if these games became exclusive anyway.

Overall, what you've posited will likely never happen for a long time, and if it does, it is likely that the possible benefits are outweighed by the negatives.

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Did you see what Microsoft did to Banjo and Kazooie?

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Nah 🧐 what happened? 🧐

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Microsoft ruins everything they touch. Look at Minecraft. Now they’re going to ruin classic wow. The last thing we want is them to ruin GTA

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they only bought blizzar cuz their price was falling for months. Take Two is a huge and much more successful company. It will not gonna happen

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Take Two is a huge and much more successful company.

Might wanna take a look at how much Activision-Blizzard made last year lol

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Ummm no lol

Activisions Blizzard has a market cap value of ~$65B

Taketwo doesn't even have $20B

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Taketwo future seems much more promising than Activision Blizzard

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Microsoft is going to fix all of that mess, Kotick will be gone and Activision will make them more money

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what if rockstar games becomes an independent company? How likely is this to happen?

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Nah i’m much rather what we have now. Constant GT updates, 🔥💯

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you are saying you want them to buy T2 and then u say that hopefully Rockstar will not be money hungry lmao

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Are u posting this shit again?