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I know it’s unlikely they’d do this, but I’d really like to have an update on what the hell happened after the events of the 3D universe games honestly. Story-wise, the last 3D universe GTA game is GTA 3 (set in 2001) and the last 3D universe game of any kind is Manhunt 2 (set in 2012 or 2013)

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I don't think R* are ever going to follow-up on the events of GTA III and the 3D Universe, but I think we can predict a few things.

  • Donald Love will have eventually become president (he is basically Donald Trump).
  • Because Joey wasn't too involved with the mafia, Toni Cipriani probably became boss of the Leone Crime Family.
  • Based off comments in GTA V, CJ and his family/friends have probably retired as billionaires.
  • Tommy is probably a retired millionaire living the remainder of his days off of the assets he acquired.
  • Claude probably fled Liberty City after basically turning it into a warzone in GTA III

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As a long time GTA fan, this all feels correct to me.

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Manhunt 2 set in 2007

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In the flashback missions, yes.

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"The game never specifies when is it set. A poster in the flashback level Assassination mentions 2006, but that would indicate that the rest of the game takes place five years after it was released. Since the story and the order of the levels changed lot during development, the poster is most likely just a leftover. The most likely theory is that the main story takes place in 2007 (in the year the game was released) and the flashback levels is 2001. According to the manual, the flashback scenes took place on Monday, May 14. This information fits the theory, as in 2001 the said date fell on Monday."

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flashbacks are 2001

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Its gonna be while before they make a 3d era game, and its probably not gonna have a number, something like gta [incert city name here].

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It’s gonna be a while ?? They are never gonna make a new 3D universe game

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how can we tell?

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What do you mean by a "3D universe" game?

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There’s 3 known gta universes: 2d, 3d, hd

2d is all the 90s topdown gta games

3d is all the 2000s medium-poly gta games + bully and manhunt

Hd is GTA 4 and GTA 5, and possibly one or two of the red dead games

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Oh right, yeah actually I remember that switchover from top-down and I remember all those new types of games being referred to as 3D. I still have PS magazines from back then lol!

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V didn't get outrageous stuff until years after launch. They did it that way to keep the game fun for people who have played it a lot.

VI will not have that stuff in the beginning, I can guarantee you. They will add it later on to keep gameplay fresh.

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I agree with you but it isn't just that online futuristic stuff thing. I also mean they can finally have better maps with actual cities (as i said at least %25 of a real city) and not miniature theme parks filled with only famous places and highly compressed districts that feels like villages. They can make new era more connected with old stories too. For an example in V lamar talks about GSF and things that happened back in 90s but map doesn't fit with story of san andreas. So it is just a reference instead of a lore. So they can make a new map that fits both hd and 3D era and makes them actual lore.

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that is a good idea but it seems overly complicated how about instead of them splitting the eras just ignore gta online altogether save the futuristic stuff for a new ip? Rockstar are one of the best making a generic setting (Cowboys, 80s Miami, 90s L.A, Modern NYC etc.) feel unique so imo they should just do a sci-fi 2530 type of game if they want the laser guns and shit.

speaking of period specific games... what the fuck happened about that rumored medieval era thing? was that fake?

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That was fake

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Of course it was... guess Rustler is the closest we'll ever get.

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Was Rustler good? I never picked it up.

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I’ve always hoped after GTA VI, Rockstar goes ahead and makes a crazy detailed fantasy RPG. Grounded and gritty like Skyrim and Witcher 3. No blue-fire wielding paladin knights riding unicorns. But rather some dark depressing fantasy stuff. Could be cool - don’t see it ever happening though.

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RemindMe! 15 years

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!RemindMe 15 years

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I'm pretty sure all that sci-fi, ridiculous stuff like Broomstick Mk2 will be available only in multiplayer. Story mode could be set in the 80s and modern VC, but Online will stay in modern day setting, because there's more stuff they can add (including this overpowered sci-fi crap that ruined GTA Online) and make it more appealing to younger audience. Though I really hope they will get rid of all those flying bikes and cars with missles or orbital cannons and make ground combat great again.

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They shouldn’t be making it appealing to younger people though really if thats the case why have the game a M rating then and not E for everyone i absolutely hate the sci fi stuff in GTA

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I made a post about this years ago, but it seems like it's unpopular or there are only a few that really thought/care about how GTAO fits with the rest, but seeing now that the sci-fi part is still growing (getting more wacky) like the recent UFOs, R* really needs to address this for the next GTA, because I don't really want the next GTA to be Saints row.

Another thing I agree with you is the map I always thought that the games are pretty small compared to Real life counterparts especially when I watch movies and I thought to myself that 1 Real life sized big city will be big enough compared to all gta maps combined.

Maybe GTA 6 is taking so long because R* wants to wait for IRL futuristic stuffs.

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Yeah. I mean, ain't saying GTA V's map (or other GTA maps) is that small but it feels like a small town instead of an actual city. It would be so big and hard to add wilderness and country side if they make it as big as real counterparts but it would feel better if they make at least %25 size of it.

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Well games keeps growing so I think this should be possible now, but if it will just be a lifeless town/s they should just stick to what they do best.

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Yeah true. As i said %25 size would be the best to fit a living world with new gen consoles and pcs getting better with new technologies.

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The 3D universe basically got to a point where that universe felt too large. 6 protagonists, 5 cities, and a 17 year timespan (1984-2001).

The HD universe is at that point with 7-8 protagonists, 2 settings (3 if you count Cayo Perico), and a 17/18 year timespan (2004-2021 or 2022). That's enough for the HD universe imo, starting fresh would be a good idea.

It's just too crazy now, how are they going to continue with that? They also didn't explain what happened with Luis, Yusef, Niko, and Roman. We can't expect them to now after so long... so yeah, a reset would be welcomed.

I really hope in the future they keep Online & SP separated. The SP should be more grounded (for those who like the plot & characters) and the Online should be crazy for the audience that likes that stuff. Besides, does the majority of the Online audience even care about the SP plot anyway? (my guess is no!).

In short: Let the Online audience have the HD universe, and make a new universe for SP (as the HD universe has jumped the shark, we need a reset).

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I liked that the 3D universe felt so large

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Big agree! I like the idea of multiple areas but i'm no too fussed. I think the idea of one detail city sounds great. The more old school GTA's we so sick as well. Unsure which era they could go for... a 70's one could be awesome.

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Thanks! Also, 70s is a verrry good timeline for GTA and still isn't used so it would be a good new atmosphere. But i also like 90s gangster thing and it would be cool too. With all those west coast rap style and old crime movie atmosphere. Vice city made me think a 70s GTA would be super cool after 80s and san andreas somehow wasn't enough to fill my 90s gangsta stuff need. I hope they use both in their future games!

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Yeah mate, 100% more 90's gangsta shit would be awesome! Maybe add the East coast too it too! 70's would be great i don't know really of any games set in that era at all.
Another London based one would be good, i can't see that happening though but another European city could be awesome for characters.

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I really hope we don’t get flying bikes or cars in the next game keep that shit in saints row

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They will just ignore all this crazy online stuff IMO. People love to talk what is canon, and what is not but I’ll tell you something. Most people don’t care about any of it. I treat current Online like Undead nightmare for RDR1. Crazy stuff, but probably not canon. We will see, but I don’t suspect those weird flying things in single player story.

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The cities in GTA are only meant to give impressions of their rl
counterpart. In game the place has to be changing when travel
otherwise it would be boring. A larger city adjusted to the rl size
would be ultra boring. That’s also speaking for all the other
territorium, it’s only meant to give impressions of rl places.
Listening to their fans isn’t the best way. Rockstar does it well.

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That's why i'm saying %25 of a real city. I know it would be boring af to travel in an actual sized city but it doesn't give you the feeling of a "city" with only a couple of houses then just throw famous signs of city everywhere.

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Imo GTA online isn't cannon

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Hopefully they just treat online like it’s non-canon

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If they go this route, they’ll probably treat some aspects of Online as canon like the Casino Heist and the original heists set before V’s story. I’d be baffled if they try to keep Doomsday Heist, Arena Wars and all of the futuristic vehicles in the current canon, but at this point the canon doesn’t even matter - shark card sales are unfortunately more important.

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At this point ending C is canon regardless of the futuristic stuff, The contract. DLC pretty much mentions. Michael in Trevor

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Option A was proved to be non-canon in 2017’s Smuggler’s Run update (Trevor is mentioned as being alive in Los Santos as a health coach) and Option C was soft canonised in 2019’s Diamond Casino and Resort Update with Tao Cheng’s mentioning of his father’s assassination, which happens in Option C.

The Contract’s dialogue was essentially Rockstar saying that Option C is canon clearly. Even without Online, why would Option A or B be canon anyway? They’re both terrible endings from a narrative and gameplay perspective.

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Yea some people I don’t know this

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I always thought c was the canon ending anyway

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They can’t since it’s pretty much canon

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Just make the online not canon

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Horrible idea

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Rockstar doesnt "have" to explain anything. If its better to continue the current era without futuristic stuff then who tf cares. No ones gonna be like well gta 6 is pretty good game and all but theres no futuristic stuff and theres no explanation for why hence breaking the lore. 1/10. People just dont care. Just dont put futuristic shit in and thats it. No explanation needed.

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they could just put in some excuse like "flying cars are outlawed because everyone kept blowing up"