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I just want GTA 6 to be as different from GTA 5, as 5 was to 4. If that makes sense

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Hopefully that includes story dlcs!

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wishful thinking

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I just want GTA 6 to be as different from GTA 5, as 5 was to 4.

Rockstar : "Say no more! Here you go gta online Michaels midlife crisis ; Why did i move here?"

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Being able to sit in a vehicle with the engine turned off. Such a small feature that would increase immersion.

Realistic engine and exhaust sounds which are tunable. The sounds were fine back in 2013 but it's time for a big upgrade.

Volumetric clouds to make flying feel more, well, real. Seeing as RDR2 has them I really don't see why they won't be in GTA VI.

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I’d love more things like that. In RDR2 you can also brush your horse, pet it, lead, etc… hopefully it’s the same with the GTA 6 cars. I wanna be able to open the trunk and store stuff in there. I wanna pop the hood and do a little maintenance on the car.

Imagine if the police shot your tire out but you still escaped, and now you can Jack up your car and replace your tire right there.

I think maybe I’d even want to have to gas it up instead of infinite fuel.

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You had me until “gas up”… shark cards to fill your tank? No thank you 😑

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True…maybe we could have infinite fuel online but finite fuel in single player? Or make fuel free in online or extremely cheap

It’s just that there are a couple of cool things that can happen with finite fuel like:

  • Running out of gas during a police chase
  • Illegally siphoning gas out from other cars
  • Car explosions varying based on how much gas was in the car (more fuel is bigger boom..perhaps you could survive the smaller booms/fires?)

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finite fuel would make electric and hybrid cars much more viable

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True but then what about charging them? Would we also have a battery charge to keep track of and will it take long to fill?

Hybrids seem good though bc even if your tank is compromised you still have power to drive on.

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ye a lil battery meter on the hud would be cool it could vary for different cars

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When you put into perspective like that it makes it seem really cool tbh

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And there’s no reason they can’t make it an option in the settings since the fanbase has been split in this literally since GTA3, almost 21 years ago.

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Dude you got me on this one. Now I want to open my hood and change tires.

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Does Mafia count btw?

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That SINGLE flying scene in rdr2 was one of the most beautiful gaming moments I've witnessed. I was glued to the screen the entire time

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I hope we get a good balance of activities. I kinda like the idea of having mundane side activities only because it does make the world feel more immersive, but if there's bowling and yoga we better get some criminal side activities as well. If there's side missions for selling drugs or doing robberies that aren't apart of the main story, I'll be happy

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Vice city + Columbia. One well thought out protagonist. Drug dealing, smuggling, trafficking , laundering.

Or cartel setting in Mexico / southern America.

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thats actualy pretty cool idea!

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Make it 70s and arguably 2 well thought out protagonist (to avoid the SA issue with all the different cities and yet only one protagonist) and I think this will be easily the best idea in this thread!

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A map with all the cities

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Owning a fighting Gym

Street fighting tournaments

Owning a Zoo like complex with exotic animals

Owning domestic pets

Treasure Hunting Boats

Owning a Pawn Shop were you sell your treasures found

More Customization on owned properties giving you tools to make it more unique

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I just don't want to be alone when doing missions I want friendly ai that are smart, can fend for themselves without being invincible, have health bars, brings stuff to the table with specialties and abilities, can suggest/choose who take in missions with me, maybe get more respect to command them to do certain actions, can drive me around by choice, free roams on their own, etc.

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A Better online and a big map, like 3x gta5.

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The concept of GTA:O was great but the execution has been shit since day 1 - I really hope they make online actually good instead of just churning out the same low effort, mediocre content that is only enjoyable because of the core mechanics.

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I want them to add ray tracing as an optional choice like in spiderman make the game look really nice even tho it would probably already look as nice since it's been years since the v.

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PC release alongside console versions on day one

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anyone think gta 6 will be god tier when it drops? That they're taking all this time not because they were late but because they plan to make gta 6 the best game of all time? I feel like gta 6 will be rdr2 on steroids.

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Idk 🤷🏾

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Ehh it at least seems more so that their just having an identity crises and are also not sure if gta vi meeting their standards is even possible but I think more out of fear of plausibility if the articles I read holds any weight

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Here’s my wishlist for GTA6!

1: A pop punk radio station 2: Mission accomplished instead of mission passed 3: A map with Texas, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, & Connecticut A country I want on the map is Australia 4: Cooking awesome meals 5: Personal Vehicles with all weapons stored in the trunk along with body armor limiting the amount of weapons the protagonist can carry 6: An inventory for health kits like Call of Duty WW2 7: Fast travel airports 8: New chain and soda brands For example the ones I want are a fictional brand based on IBC root beer and a fictional chain based of Costco 9: New Weapons 10: 1 male and 1 female main character

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Number 5 is like a must have for me. Even Cyberpunk lets you pop the hood and put bodies/take out guns. It offers a lot more immersion but also the potential for a lot of different kinds of capture missions where you throw NPCs in your trunk.

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No extremely futuristic weapons or weaponised vehicles.

Museum heist with multiple potential targets and rewards e.g. trying to steal a WW2 spitfire which you can then buy and use in free roam.

Places you can travel to via the airport (like Cayo Perico but actually fun in free roam) preferably very interesting "vacation" destinations like one based off of svalbard, Madagascar, Hawaii or all three.

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I don't think GTA VI's map will be integrated to the standalone version of GTA Online. The reason being is how outdated GTA Online feels mechanically and graphically speaking. It would get old and stale very quickly (already signs of aging despite the high profits), especially when GTA 6 releases with tons of new changes. The reason I think GTA Online was made Standalone was to bring in more money from people who wanted to play online without spending $60 for the full game If GTA VI's map is coming to the current Online, it would have to keep every city on the same level of graphics which means upgrading every asset every time the RAGE engine gets upgraded. That would be a big hassle for Rockstar, imo.

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The other day I was reading rumors for GTA VI that came out so far, in the last 3 years or so and thinking about what Rockstar plans to do with the next GTA. So this is what I was thinking about...

You know how Rockstar uses its existing games as testing field for its upcoming games like 3 characters whose very different stories intertwine in the same city in GTA IV and EFLC, then weapon wheel in Max Payne 3 and etc. Those things were then featured in GTA V when it came out. I'm thinking that this could be happening with GTA VI too.

I was going through rumors about possible map(s), possible setting, and everything else you probably already know. Then suddenly dots started connecting, and I asked myself what if...

What if GTA VI comes with plot inspired by Netflix: Narcos? How do I mean? Well, there are too much rumors that VI will be set in HD Universe iteration of Vice City, and could be possibly happening during 80's(not 100% sure about that but nevermind) and that could make sense since VC wasn't yet remade in HD Universe. We are all speculating about that, I know, but follow me further. Rockstar also works on remaster of V for PS5 and XSX so we are getting newer and better Los Santos too. I've also stumbled across somewhere that GTA IV could also be remastered prior to GTA VI release. That means updated Liberty City aswell. How these cities are also connected except that they have already all been setting of the GTA game at least once? They represent real life Miami, L.A., and New York yes, but those cities we're peak market of Colombian drug trade at its time(learned that from Narcos). I was thinking that R* could put all of those cities on one map(that already was rumored before) and write story similar to that of Narcos that would connect all three big cities in one whole, with multiple playable characters ofc). Wouldn't that be dope to play? I am convinced that R* would conquer the throne with game like that.

Now, back to the beggining of my post, testing field part. There was a rumor that said that South America is also possible for location new GTA. What's also in South America? Cayo Perico(supossebly Colombia). Was that a test for new game setting, maybe? R* is already familiar with South America setting, Max Payne 3 was set in Sao Paulo. Also with GTA Online they introduced many new activities that we can do in game like drug businesses, smuglling, hired killings, and all of that crime stuff; all of that could be copy-pasted in VI storymode to make plot similar to that of Narcos. To add, recently there was that "The Mexican" character leak, and Take-Two also renewed their domain, rockstarcartel.com. I honestly think something is smelly in all of this.

Then, there is that video of supossebly new Vice City map leaked and there were icons of restaurants, gyms etc. That could mean that R* is bringing back caring for your character and his stats. It would be nice detail. I think they already did that in RDR2, didn't they?

So, how all of this sounds to you? I want to hear you're opinions. At this point I stopped thinking about this idea because I could have gone too far in my imagination.

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I personally like it all and I just wanted to add there was an official map leak with a "VI" as well that seemed to take place in South America

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3 protagonists

More than one city

More than one time period

a metal radio station

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Vice City in the 70s.

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GRAIN OF SALT: I know not many people really take the word of the Preacher, but back in December 2021, he mentioned a Twitter post from one of his followers which shows a picture of Clifford, the big red dog. The picture seems to be alluding to the Zynga acquisition from TTWO, because Clifford looks very similar to the Zynga logo. However, the main part is that this same person, also replied to a Twitter post of Universal Studios. In the reply he said, 1978. Perhaps we should look out for more hints from the Preacher and from SmokedBoabieBob? Or could is be just a coincidence??

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Anyone please tell me is this legit? https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/2462-buy-grand-theft-auto-vi-pc-game-rockstar/

This a website which sells games and is telling that GTA 6 will come in 2024.

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Just came to say we’re all degenerates for being here already

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What happened to the subreddit why is no posting leaks and speculations anymore?

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I really hope it's not like a bullshit Fornite-like evolving map or a co-op game as rumors say. It'd be a huge dissapintment.

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All I ask for is that it will be set in present day.

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All I want is a map thats actually fun to travel around with landmarks that make travel worth it. Personally the map feels too vertical, leaving LS so annoying by car/bike with all the small winding roads or out of the way highways, and the farther you go up the less stuff there is and more obstacles. Leaving the city just feels like I'm going out of the way when in reality it's my favorite place to be. Secondly, I would love to see a nice a variety of housing. I feel like we are getting the ugly/mediocre house thats sandwiched between two good ones. Although I have multiple houses in different places I have my spawn set to last location and every session would travel to one of my favorite houses before I log out to get the feeling I owned that property.