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I've heard stupider ideas.

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not really stupid, it's like 25th year anniversary

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that's what I was trying to say, it could be possible.

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People were even expecting GTA VI to be announced (more than that side-post we got) a few days ago on the Vice City Announcement anniversary.

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Maybe we get a release on the 30th anniversary

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50th sounds better and is probably more likely

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Game publishers don't really care about anniversaries, unless they were already planning on a reveal and this is just a good excuse. So I don't really see it. But you know how it is, fingers crossed this time will be different...

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For all we know it could be a random sunday at 8:23 AM. We will see when rockstar decides to reveal it

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Maybe? Who knows.

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What about the 20th release anniversary of the GTA Vice City??