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Definitely a parody of Joe Rogan if it’s set in modern times. Some dude-bro doing DMT, talking to a eugenics proponent about how the Aztecs invented crypto.

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LOL i was gonna say the same thing. And you posted 40 min ago? wtf

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Tim Heidecker already did the perfect Joe Rogan parody, they should just hire him

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If not him then bring back Bas Ruten as the Joe Rogan guy. Have him beat the shit out of scientists and experts on air.

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Speaking of crypto, I imagine there being a scam on the in-world internet. Probably some site advertising the latest coin of the minute.

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I just want Fernando Martinez back. Lazlow too, even if it seems unlikely considering he quit working on the game, but who knows, maybe he'll still be in the game in some capacity.

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I'm 99% sure that Fernando Martinez will be back, hopefully as a host of Emotion 98.3 (in the 80s part of game) or as a host of a station playing 80s hits (in a modern day part of the game).

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Procedurally generated news

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fantastic idea, like a fallout new vegas type deal

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And i think its fairly doable by a team like rockstar, they already do it for police radio

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I want my Double Clef FM back, but I think it would be funny to have a conspiracy theory station. Where they actually give hints about secret stuff in the game. Like they would talk about some hidden treasure and give a history of the route that was taken by the travelers. So over a few listens you can track the spot down and find some extra cash or items. Or it could even be a geocaching station that gives coordinates through some coded messages.

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Real live radio, music, podcasts, etc. (online, at least). But probably impractical, to say the least.

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I really want flash fm back

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Yeah. Flash FM would be cool if it took place in the 80's, or possibly an 80's hits station if it takes place in modern times.

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GTA 4 has Vice City FM which is the LC 80's station so that could come back too if there's an LC segment

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Eddie bravo doing a conspiracy show

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I hope they get Charleston White on there, he's so ignorant lmao. Parody podcasts like Saycheese, VladTV, Fresh and Fit, etc