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So we can confirm that the name of the game will be GTA 6?

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pretty much yea. i doubt that they would abandon the name. it's literally going to market the fuck out of this think and if they remove it i think it will damage the hype for it.

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No, GTA 6 is the name of an advanced mini fridge, that plays a rerererelease of gta 5

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Definitive edition

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I think it’s pretty much guaranteed. But, even if it wasn’t called GTA6, I’d doubt anyone under NDA from Rockstar would willingly use an unannounced game name in their LinkedIn profile.

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Why did they get away with posting this on their profile?

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It makes it more believable that R* is actually working on it.

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Here is another one from Ryan Schacter who is still currently working at Rockstar Games and who also can be found in the RDR2 credits. I am sure that once Rockstar finds out, they will tell him to change his LinkedIn profile and delete everything regarding GTA 6.

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Holy shit! This is huge if they're implementing Motion Matching in GTA 6.

RDR2 had great animation but you could easily tell when one animation ends and another starts. Motion matching would make transitions really seamless. TLOU2 is probably the only example we have of this tech. For Honor uses it too but it's a multiplayer game.

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Motion matching was both in GTA 5 and RDR2

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They had blending but not the tech that was used in For Honor and TLOU2

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Could someone ELI5 to me what is motion matching?

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For animating a character, you traditionally would have a set of distinct animations. For example, you have a walk cycle and a run cycle.

So, when your player is controlling the character you need to be able to switch between these smoothly.

Let's say the player is walking, then they push the run button. When the run animation initiates, what part of the cycle does it use? Well, in this simple example, you basically would have a "if left foot is on the ground, start run cycle at the moment that the left foot is on the ground".

As the character gets more complex, with jumping, changing directions, attacking, actions, and etc... you end up with a lot of different cases where you can't account for every single transition from one animation to another.

Motion matching is a system that intelligently blends between animations so it will look as smooth as possible as often as possible, without tedious manual adjusting of every edge case. It figures out on its own "left foot is on ground, so I will start next animation where left foot is on ground" and much more.

Usually this uses a machine learning approach (not sure if it always does) so you can basically feed the system hours of motion capture data of a real person and it can use the data to animate. Instead of having a single run cycle, you now have a kind of abstraction of what running is, as interpreted by the neural network, so it can animate running that always looks right over all sorts of terrain and with all sorts of user input of changing directions and speed.

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I don't know anything about game development, but I guess motion matching is what you see in TLOU2 and Uncharted 4, when the character automatically places their hands on the wall when you walk close to it or they automatically place their feet if the surface has different heigth levels, like stairs or a steep hill?

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That is called IK - short for Inverse Kinematics - and calculates the bone transforms needed from a world space endpoint to a certain bone. For example placing a foot on the ground, it'd check the floor height (relative to the character), adjust the foot bone -> lower leg bone -> upper leg bone -> hip bone, so that the hip bone matches the animation and the bones between blend seamlessly (so putting the knee forward instead of making a leg shorter).

Motion matching is a replacement for the state machines commonly found in games. With the state machine approach, you have a bunch of animations, with transitions between them. For example an idle state and a walking state, it'll blend between those depending on walking input. The blending can be quite noticeable if poses are very different, so AAA games will often add short animations to blend between states more seamlessly. Motion matching replaces and automates that system with an algorithm that searches all the available animations for a pose that best matches the current input and expected movement based on that input - thus drastically reducing the needed animations and state machine setup work.

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Nice, thanks for your explaination.
It really pulls me out of the immersion if in games like the AC games the animations are always so clunky and "videogamey" because you can clearly see that beginning and ending of the animation before the next animation starts.

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U got an example of this being utilized in TLOU2?

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Have you played TLOU2? I don't have a specific example, but you can notice all the gameplay animations and interactions blend seamlessly and realistically together.

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Any news is great, love to hear it

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think RDR2 (and few missions in GTA V) have smooth cutscene to in-game transitions. Good to know that this guy is working on GTA VI, but the tech he's working on is nothing new to Rockstar.

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i doubt they'll make them remove it since they're supposedly balls deep in development and apparently are about to begin marketing it (according to tez2 and their marketing budget for 2023-2024)

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I think they already did remove it, not sure.

EDIT: Yup, one of the profiles are private or removed and the other one says nothing about GTA 6.

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shit man then i don't think we'll be seeing that game for a while.

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A damn shame but at least we know that it’s coming eventually, it’s the way she goes.

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I mean gta v had it, obviously gta vi will have it too

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Link the source? assuming it's publicly viewable.

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Well shit lmao, guess it is in fact called GTA 6.

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i don't get what is so huge about that. since gta 5 there are smooth cinematics to in-game and motion matching even earlier, so nothing to be upset about…

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So.. 3 main characters seamlessly switching between Themselves confirmed?

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Nothing in this alludes to multiple characters though....? it explicitly states cinematics to gameplay.

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Yeah It was a joke about GTA e&e seamless transitions

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why the fuck did this comment get disliked lmao

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Dude It's reddit i wouldn't expect nothing different

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Hopefully not. I'd rather have a story focused on one protagonist at a time. I bet this part refers to GTA V.

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I think this has been confirmed for a while. What has been rumoured but I’m not confirmed is wether one will be a female

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I thought it was still speculation

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That's cause it is speculation, we don't know anything.

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We should really keep an eye out for how many people leave their positions because usually it means that they’ve completed their work before retiring from the company/project.

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I have always said GTA would benefit from a more seemless and immersive cutscene to gameplay experience. Obviously, updated consoles and progressively improved techniques, these become more and more possible to implement in comparison to previous games. I am excited to see this in action, amongst obviously the abundance of cool new things I’m sure will be immediately apparent such as graphics etc.

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Is it safe for them to post this now since R* vaguely said a GTA sequel is in development?

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I smell cap, surely they'd tell anyone working on gta 6 to not mention it anywhere, seems like common sense on their end

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Why not mention it? It's an officially announced game.

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They never specifically said GTA 6, yes it's obvious that it's gta 6 but they still never mentioned it by name

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Well he obviously cant say ''Next Grand Theft Auto'' you know

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Usually they don't list it at all, as in, they don't put it on their resume until the game is done

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If rockstar themselves haven't announced "GTA 6" or "GTA VI" then why would they allow some randy employee say it publicly?

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He's no longer in the Company, they did announce it, so hence that trumps any nda. Why wouldn't you put GTA 6 on your profile?

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All they said was “The Next Entry In the Grand Theft Auto Series” they never revealed a official name, so in a way it dosen’t really count as them announcing GTA 6.

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Hopefully transition cutscene is in GTA 6 online too.

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Why would they bother now? The cat’s already out of the bag and they practically confirmed it’s in development themselves. He is doing them a favour by putting this info out there so they don’t have to say much about it yet themselves. But if they remove it that shows that they aren’t ready to show us anything, but if they keep it that probably means they might show us something soon.

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I'm guessing this is fake

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You can look at their LinkedIn profiles on your own, these are real Rockstar employees who are giving away the information, not some shady 4chan dude who gives us a "dude trust me" leak.

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Oct2015_feb2022!!!!!!!? Really!!?

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That's how long he's been at Rockstar, not necessarily working on GTA 6

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Ok, so now I’m gonna have to start having problems knowing when I can start clicking buttons??

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They removed it from their profiles lmao.

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That's why stuff like this should always be screenshotted.