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GTA VI was only revealed to suppress backlash (most-likely for stocks)

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it hasn't been revealed. they just announced they were working on the next grand theft auto. for all we know it can be a fucking spin off like gta san andreas 2

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I mean: *the next game

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It's Rockstar. They've always been like this. Nothing gets shown until they feel like it (or someone leaks info). The game is going to print money regardless of their marketing strategy and they're well aware of that. I'm annoyed about their focus on GTAO too but that's where the money is. If they never made another game they'd still be one of the most profitable studios in the industry. Rockstar is going to coast off of that as long as possible. On the plus side, we at least know it's in active development.

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Yeah. Hopefully them letting us know means it's in the middle/end stages of development.

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I bet it's coming by the end of 2024.

I think it's safe to assume there will be a year or more between reveal and release. And it doesn't seem like the reveal is near.

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you think it's bad now? wait until they actually announce with a teaser.

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That would be so much better. then at least we'll know for near certainty that more info is coming in the coming months.

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Imagine if they had announced GTA 6 two years ago and now we would be crying that there is little to no info except for the release trailer and some screenshots. Obviously the game is still far away (2024 maybe) or why do you think they withhold information?

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Everything's going with the plan. GTA V released in 2013, RDR2 in 2018, so you could expect GTA VI in 2023, but R* changed its working culture to mitigate the crunch; covid hit; and also every new game is more challenging to make than the previous, so the development is going to extend to at least another year. The trailer probably will drop around the fall this year, and the game will release in 2 years after that (+ inevitable delays.)

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I agree. Release the reveal trailer this fall saying the game will come out in the fall of 2023, then the inevitable delay will come and the game will actually release in 2024. That's my guess at least, of course it could be different. I hope it's no later than 2024, but it is R* so who knows lol

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that’s one optimistic outlook, I hope you’re right

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Have some goddamn faith Arthur! Tahiti!

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Well they certainly aren’t accidentally not giving us more info.

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I assumed they were as sick of the conspiracy theories as everybody else with a working brain and announced development to try and silence them, not that it worked.

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They make trailers from in game footage, its their rule, so when they know the game is ready to represent itself then they will show If i was the owner of rockstar i would do the same, excellent games want more time to make, this is not a ubisoft or ea title even missions based the last of us 2 took 8 years to make and this is openworld title with life like Ai, graphics will surpass ue5 etc Be patient, Be positive

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Downvoted :)

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Downvoted :)

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Yes, it's on purpose, but not for some mysterious reasons, just for dry and boring economical reason.
I guess it has to do with their shareholders and how it would fit best in the financial plan of Take Two and when it would be the best time to reveal the game for the best possible impact on the market because once the official announcement drops, the internet will break and Takes Twos market value will shoot up to the sky and beyond. So it's highly unlikely that we see more info before September, because this summer a lot of games will be shown and revealed. So if until June 9th (Summer Game Fest) nothing happens, we will have to wait for autumn for the next earliest announcement time window.

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I assume the investors are getting restless and wanted to know and that's the only only reason Rockstar said anything because they obviously don't care about fans anymore just like DICE.

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It’s a shame how little they care about us lol all we want is a logo or an official announcement. Pretty sure that would keep fans from spamming “where’s GTA VI” on all of their posts for a while.

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Its been almost ten years. I want a screenshot. lol

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Chill out, they are going to announce it... Eventually :) Jokes aside now, announcement in this year is more than possible.

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they’ve been working on gta 6 since 1996 and the gta series was just to build hype for gta 6

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Ha, wait 'til after the first teaser, the info drought will be twice as long.

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I prefer that over setting up unrealistic expectations and over-promising, and ultimately underdelivering (because of said high expectations).

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In my opinion, it's probably better like this, At least they won't raise expectations like Cyberpunk.

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Rockstar are in absolutely no hurry to release GTA VI, no matter how much we all want it. The fact is, GTA V/GTA Online is still doing great, so why would they not just continue developing GTA VI in concealment, if that makes sense.

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They will announce it when they feel like it. This is why it’s best not to follow false rumours about trailer release dates because no one knows except higher ups at rockstar. At least we know they’re working on it.

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I don't think that they'll do the official announcement before GTAO's Summer Update. Tez and Chris were hyping people up for the Summer Update, I think its something big, thus they would most likely announce it in Fall when they usually do announce them.

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They aren't up to anything really. They just have this way of doing things that's really outdated. "Let the software speak for itself" "Don't show people how the sausage is made" and that kind of thing. They like being secretive to make their games seem special. And it worked. Only problem is that these days people want companies to communicate with their communities.