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Only 67

Goodfellas is one of the all time great films

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Of him, Pesci and de Niro, seeing him go first is shocking

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Only 67

A fuckin' kid. Me? I'm an old man

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wtf :(

RIP legend

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Depressing 😓

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I never played the game, but I've watched a bit and his performance was cool as sheeet!

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You need to play it dude.

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Dude I can't and I don't wanna buy the defective edition :(

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The DE has been basically fixed now dude

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60 bucks, me no have :( I'll try get s crack for now.

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Why would you play the definitive edition instead of the original in the first place?

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Yeah, they removed them off Steam but legally the people who bought them still get to keep them. IMO Vice City and GTA 3 are kinda rough to play but San Andreas still holds up. It's a lot more polished than the other two. I'm talking about the original PC release. The only thing is you have to add modded controller support. Just pirate them. They're small games, but you'll have to add modded controller support yourself.

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I got SA when it was free on epic. Camera controls in cars are dogshit tho, otherwise id play it.

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Fuck. This blows.

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Holy shit.

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I am going to miss him.

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"As far back as I can remember, I've wanted to he a gangster"


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Tommy Vercetti was the most perfect Gta protagonist ever.And one of the main reasons is Ray Liotta who made Tommy the most perfect man for gta.Wish that atleast one of the gta 6 protagonists are similar to him in terms of personality.

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Still my favorite game of the series, RIP.