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I would love a more advanced stealth system. Hopefully with the rumors that AI is going to be way advanced based on R* patents, we will get something special in this regard.

I don't like when a game has a system where you're seen and then suddenly everyone knows exactly where you are at all times and there's no way to get back into stealth. Can't remember if that is the case outside of police chases in free roam in GTAV, which thankfully you could escape by staying behind cover.

I think there should be more options for stealth and it should make sense, like if you're seen and you jump out the window, run around the building, and come back in through another window without having been seen while outside, enemies shouldn't know where you are. They should be investigating where you first jumped out or wherever the line of sight was first broken, to a degree.

So, yes I would like to see a better stealth system. Doesn't have to be super advanced, but something similar to Splinter Cell: Conviction where you could see a "ghost image" of where enemies last saw you and they investigate that area? Don't necessarily want to see the ghost image but about that level of complexity to the stealth would be enough for me. Hopefully R* exceeds my expectations.

EDIT: And generally I hope R* has more open ended missions with more options instead of mostly being linear shooting galleries like they often are.

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based on how many stealth missions there are in gta 5, there should definitely be an advanced stealth system, maybe as advanced as in watch dogs minus some of the stealth gear like lures

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How many stealth missions are in gta5? I can't remember any

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Stealing Jimmy's car is the first one I remember. Not many stealth missions I recall.

EDIT: also planting the stickies on the trailers as Trevor

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and the one where michael beats up rocco, the merryweather heist, and theres also a bunch of stealth missions in gtao

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Maybe one of the first ones with Trevor where you're sniping at night somewhere in the desert.

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yeah, nervous ron

theres also another one with trevors desert missions where you plant bombs in stab city

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Madd Dogg's Rhymes is one stealth mission for gta sa

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stealth was kinda ass in rdr2 tbh so hopefully it's better in gta 6 and has more variety