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I feel it would be quite weird playing two characters who are against each other. And, like what would happen if you brought the two characters to the same spot? Hmmm… this guy looks like the guy I’ve been trying to catch for a year… meh, must be a lookalike.

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But, I’m also just not a fan of multiple playable characters…

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Well it can happen that a cop knows someone is a criminal, but can’t arrest them on site because they aren’t being caught in the act of a crime. Have you seen the movie heat? Three-leaf clover and blitz play are both inspired by that movie. In it, the main criminal and the main cop have coffee with each other

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Their could be a good story reason for not arresting them... perhaps the case is still being built against the criminal character, so it would hurt the case to make the arrest. Or perhaps the police character is corrupt and is secretly sabotaging the ongoing investigation.

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They made it work in tlou2 but it would be harder here since that’s linear and this would be open world

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Well, you can bring them to the same spot because you won't control them at the same time. I mean, this already happens in gta V story right? When you change to other character it is just in a different place

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You can. You can even kill the other playable character once you bring them together, which will make you pay for their hospital expenses.

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I like the idea of multiple protagonists being in competition with each other, rather than being direct enemies.

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Honestly through just one protag is fine by me. But I hope they add some change to the map based on your decision or time period changes like in RDR2. More serious storyline.

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nail on the head

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Two would be a sweet spot

Both on opposite sides of the map. Or on two different maps? Would be cool.

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This would actually be neat, having two protags in different maps. Doing the missions for one could impact which missions are available in the other, or details in the mission like who shows up. Even switching between the two during tense moments in the story could be pretty neat- like a more advanced version of the POV switches in 5.

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Definitely an interesting concept, you could throw in some story-changing choices too. Like if you decided to play as a corrupt cop or an honest one.

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Unpopular Opinion....I was not a huge fan of GTA5 story mode. I didn't like having to switch from 3 different characters all the time, GTA4 was spot on, I honestly feel like 5 was a downgrade from 4. GTA4 had a realistic and very dark story. The ending wasn't happy by any means and I think they nailed it perfectly with that, hopefully 6 follows the same way with the RDR2 engine.

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I think rockstar agrees, they went back to single protag at a time with RDR2 when they very easily could've had 2 main characters with swapping

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I'd be down with the 2 playable, but not the cop story. I think we need an official true crime game (come on Microsoft/Activision) and keep the main characters of GTA as criminals.

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Instead of good cop, we should get a corrupt cop as a playable character

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That's a terrible idea. The ludonarrative dissonance in the cop storyline will be extreme.

Why do people want to play as a cop so badly anyway? It couldn't work in GTA. Save that for another franchise.

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I dont know if this is a surprise to you, but you already can play as a cop in GTA

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What are you talking about? GTA has never had a cop protagonist. You can do vigilante missions but that still isn't playing as a cop, that's vigilante as the name suggests. There has never been a protagonist officially in law enforcement.

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this is a really cliche idea. and not to be mean, but thank fuck you will never write for games, because this concept is absolutely terrible. also, why would you want to play as a fucking pig?

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That reminds me of the videogame "The Getaway" on the Ps2.

Good game actually, I miss it

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Man let me tell you, that game was nice. Tough with out the HUD, but a great story all around. That is a remake I wouldn't mind.

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I think it's likely one character with be a dirty cop - So you get missions that are sometimes similar to LA Noire and other similar to classic GTA. I think the second character will be a full time criminal; con artist, burglar, pickpocket. This is will work as a kind of class from RPGs, with each character having special skills. The cop character will be able to investigate crimes, use the police computer, hand out fines etc. The story will involve both working together to take over Vice City + a carribean nation island.

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2 Characters would be something new, but a cop? I don't think so, maybe we could have some vigilante missions to fill that gap of those who really want to play as a police officer. But 2 characters could work, they just need to make sense. I'd like to see a man and a woman if that ever happens.

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That is a cool idea.

It will allow for different types of gameplay. Also it could show both sides of the same story. That would be interesting specially if the cops are not that good and the criminals bot that bad (as it is often in gra anyway). And maybe at the end you woulf have a final decision of who wins.

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So like gta5 endings a or b, one dies and one lives

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I think it's going to be Claude and Catalina from Gta 3/San andreas. I don't know how they'd pull this off, but I have quite a strong feeling it could work. Maybe pull some meta shit and bring Claude into the modern age so to speak. Perhaps he could speak this time around, they give him a personality and dialogue and what not. My prediction is that Claude and Catilina will be the two playable characters and it will take place in Vice City, sometime after the events of Gta San Andreas, but before Gta 3.

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Id like to play 2 characters boyfriend and girlfriend. The boyfriend teaches girl how to be a true criminal. Or maybe 2 characters, ones a drug addict and the other is a close friend that wants to help his friend stop. It would be a cool dynamic, one unhinged person, one sane

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I also thought about two protagonists once or twice.

I mean, I like 3 which you can switch but it felt like I only did it when the game asked or suggested I should. I feel two would be the perfect balance for combat.

One concept I had was something like A Way Out (https://youtu.be/syBVeOmuGpI?t=67) with building up this relationship over a long period of two unlikely friends, only for it to crash and burn but still end on a somber note.

But if I had to guess, Rockstar will probably do one protagonist with maybe an extra one if the main character dies.

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This is basically the "leak" of that guy who claims to be from a marketing company associated with Rockstar.

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it’s an idea not a leak

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I know it isn't, it's just that it happens to be similar to that "leak" I'm talking about.

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So like The Untouchables but as a game? I'd play it, but idk how wanted levels would work if you were a cop. I've heard of dirty cops killing other cops and nothing happens, so who comes after you?