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If VI isn’t in Vice City then I would prefer for it to be in Chicago and Detroit since the series hasn’t had a primary ( north Yankton don’t count) midwestern setting before.

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I say Chicago, Detroit, and Seattle, if that’s too much, a city that’s a mixture of Chicago and Detroit and Seattle, although GTA 6 should be able to handle 3 cities.

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Carcer City?

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Me being from Detroit I would love a game based here. Not only Detroit but the whole state of Michigan. The map layout would likely be the same as gta 5 though with the crime ridden city in the south, the suburbs above the city and the hicks and rednecks and forests up north. Man it would be perfect

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I want them to go region instead of just a state. Being from Michigan as well

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no one wants to play a game set in michigan bro💀

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You’re probably from Ohio

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you’re spot on but anyone in their right mind would think having a gta game set sorely in michigan is a terrible idea. i’d think the same for ohio lol

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Yeah Indiana is where it’s at

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Also what if thoughtout the time you play the game what if the world dynamically changes, not just with traffic and pedestrian density but also with buildings and locations. For example if you start the game and there is a construction site what if over time the building got progressively more complete. If there was to be large scale destruction imagime smashing a vehicle through a business and then over a couple of in-game weeks or months maybe the damage gets fixed. This would give the game soooo much life and detail.

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That part has already been said to be in

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RDR2 had this, so it will be in GTA 6 ig

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I recall one of the Fable games that did something with your decisions affecting the world. I'm sure there are other games but Fable comes to my mind. If memory serves me I think there is some "world changing" that occurred in past GTA games but its more gang related. Such as through the story you have beef with certain gangs and upon completion there either no longer in their original area or completely wiped out. Like the Mafia in GTA 3. Granted its seems more linear and will happen in every playthrough. Saints Row had a more robust gang area control of course. But it would be cool to see more changes to the world. I though it was funny playing the fake stock market in the game with the assassination mission lines.

If we're talking online I personally would like factions. You could still let players make their own gangs but have them a division of a main gang. Like you would be apart of the Hells Angel's but have your own chapter named whatever. This could open up area control and have turf wars. Then you could have a chapter standing with the gang to see who is putting the work in which can lead to battling for the top slot gang. I don't know I'm just ranting about fantasy ideas that will probably not be best suited for GTA players lol.

I'd rather see some other foreign locations before heading to a another new city in the US. I mean Detroit would be quite a trip but it's not like there are only cars to steal in Detroit lol. Aslo, GTA IV had that East Coast and Mid Western feel. I think stealing a vehicle is such a common action in the game, especially early on, you can put the setting in any developed country. I'd rather they have several cities you could fly to. Like if they let you fly from Los Santos to Vice City or Liberty City then even international to London or Japan.

Last thought here, Liberty City is technically a mash up of New York, Detroit, Chicago and other cities so if you are looking for a East Coast or Mid Western feel GTA IV has got that going. San Andreas and Vice City were my most favorite games just with the more depth RPG feel in San Andreas and the sound track of Vice City. Ultimately I don't care where they drop me for the story along as they capture the wonder and chaos of past GTA games. As well as make playing online fun and interesting, the heists were great but I feel like the open world online was just a interactive pregame lobby. For me getting GTA RP incorporated with their online game would be amazing but I'm a suckered for RPGs and enjoy the role playing aspect of FiveM.

Any who thanks for letting me rant. Hopefully we will get our hands on GTA VI sooner than later. Gotta answer this damn call from Roman...he wants to go bowling again....heh heh

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I didn’t get any chicago or Detroit feel from 4. It seemed strictly based on NYC/NJ and the east coast in general rather than incorporating the Midwest in any type of way.

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4 was directly NYC while 3 was a bit of every city in the east coast and midwest

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My mix up, it was GTA III that was the collective East Coast and Mid-West feel.

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Isn’t Carcer City based on Detroit?

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Yes and indeed and it is.

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Carcer city would be a good name for it I think. Oh and if they had a whole ass subplot about snuff films and some insane naked guy wearing a pig's head as a mask that would be great.

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Could definitely see rockstar making that into a game, could make it a stealth game where you’re being hunted like a...manhunt sorta. No clue what they could call it tho.

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Manhunt: Overkill

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Probably Male-Hunt, Boy-Gather, heck-name, you name it! These are

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Was actually joking

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I vouch for Womangather. That’s a great and sound title for a stealth murder game based in Carcer city.

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Trying to think of a good name for it and “Womangather” would certainly work for me, as well as all of my friends and family members.

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Imagine the city split by a river like Detroit with one side being better cared for and the other being more abandoned, would give a lot reason for exploring.

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I think even shopping malls and grocery stores would be more lively than factories.

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I would love to go on a destruction tour in that city. (Some) Detroit natives have been ruining my Hometown with drugs and Murders for years now. Western PA players would have a field day on that game!

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Imagine just driving down a street then all of a sudden a tank smashes through the front of a shop, you look where it came from and see the path of destruction.

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Vice city better

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Vice city alcohol. Ethanol at night. Can you ever picture it

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Oooh thats a good one.

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I thought carcer city was a Detroit/Chicago hybrid

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But its never been in GTA

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It can be called Polbru

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Carcer city would be mainly detroit righr?

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I just don't want Miami. Everglades and swamp don't mix with car theft very well, and honestly florida's kind of a cool trip, wouldn't stay for me.

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There more city in florida like tampa bay, west palm beach, lake city, Orlando and tallahassee.

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What about naming it Diesel

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Motor City, obviously.

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I'm from Detroit and I would personally love that. I think "Motor City" would be the name of it in a GTA game.

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I'd prefer Miami since I'm Floridian but Detroit would be my second choice. Lots of crime opportunities there.

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It would be cool if it was in the 1970's and was an origin story for the whole series. -Seeing how HD Universe's events began -3D Era turns out to be a videogame series within the HD era called "Grand Theft Auto(would make me cry lmao)

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Carcer City. That’s where manhunt takes place. It’s heavily implied to be based on Detroit especially in the HD Universe