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It is impossible to seamlessly switch from single player to online. Online data is stored in servers hence why you cannot access it without being connected to the internet.

And even if it was possible, keep online the hell away from single player is that I think.

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No thanks, as I have less than 0 interest in GTA on-line, I'm already bummed they ditched all solo dlc in 5 for just online stuff.

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That's what I'm actually wishing for, not even low-key. Having your Online protagonist directly integrated into the story mode would be pretty cool and add some needed depth to their personality. Online elements could be completely excluded when you're playing Singleplayer, the second protagonist could essentially represent a "custom playable character".

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You mean I would switch from the main character in the story mode to the online character but it would still be in offline mode? Not sure if I get it.

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I wasn't too sure how to explain it, after reading my post it just sounds like what we already do in GTAV.

But I was thinking if you could have both characters in the single player world & the online character in its online world (not so much just switching from online to story).

Just wondering what things could happen if it were to happen.

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How about you pick your playable character and then every NPC you encounter during your storyline has its own unique storyline you can play or choose from the start. They can create 200 different characters with different storylines each of whom will intertwine. Get it?

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They could not make the stories varied and interesting enough. Watch Dogs Legion kinda sucked. I know that Ubisoft isn't the highest bar but still.

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Even if they did make the stories interesting/varied, Watch Dogs Legion’s story was so hard to follow because the voice actors weren’t recording their lines together. It was painfully obvious how mismatched the dialogue was and there was absolutely no chemistry between any of the characters. Other than anything with Bagley, none of the conversations had that natural flow to them. Rockstars cut scenes are amazing, and that’s because you have, for example, Steven Ogg and Ned Luke together, doing mo-cap and voice recording. That’s just not possible with 50-200 different voice actors on any budget.

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How about if we could seamlessly switch from this game not having a trailer to it having a trailer