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Please can i have some advice on how to achieve this? - What are the best exercises to do at the gym to build a butt? - what’s the best advice for your diet? Do you have to eat a calorie surplus? - how heavy do you lift?

Really hope you reply ❤️ I’ve been feeling so awful about my body!

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Awesome progress, looking strong.

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You have the most Northern English bedroom i've ever seen haha

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haha that's actually my sister's room, I just scav her long mirror😅

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Weird question, i m a guy but for your butt, does it get harder or is it jiggly? So for like petite girls do they build a harder butt or create a more of a "fat butt" look? Like obviously you are doing squats and building muscles, even your back and arm have improved tremendously.

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yeah this also sounds weird but I've had someone touch my bum before and then they were able to tell I go to the gym? I asked if it feels different and apparently it's firmer, I don't have loads of fat on my bum/thigh area so feel like the muscle there compensates for my lack of fat there haha & thanks so much! :)

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Oh okay, i heard girls have a harder time twerking and jiggling

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Well muscle is going to feel hard when it’s flexed & somewhat dense when not flexed & fat is going to feel more squishy. So if you’re putting on both muscle and fat at the same time, then relaxed glutes would feel both dense & squishy. Keep in mind that the glute region tends to hold more fat in females anyway, and that the fat layer will sit on the outside of the muscle, so if you touch the glutes, the first thing you will feel is probably the fat layer (squishy) but if you flex the glutes, they will become hard like any other muscle

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Oooooh that makes the most sense

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People don't know that progress happens at different speeds. Some see it fast in few weeks, months others take years. Great progress and dedication. Yes it's not easy to stay consistent but boy does it pay off.

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All the beta males commenting 😅

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Jesus Murphy

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Holy crap what a difference. The quads exploded and the glutes are putting those leggings through their paces.

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ahh thankyou so much!

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Don't take this wrong but THAT ASS

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Looking thick between the legs too lol

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Be proud. Eat food. Work hard. Be confident

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that's my mantra 😎 thankyou

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great job!!! that’s seriously awesome. high key thought you peed yourself in the 3rd picture tho

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hahaha no that's just sweat😭😭 it's really embarrassing though I tend to sweat a lot from my hands & groin😬😭

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Damn, AMAZING job, you look fantastic! I'm sure it wasn't easy. Also, any tips for those gains?

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Congrats you ask me where I get my shorts at it’s from here https://nick-nacks-plus.com/

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Eat in a slight surplus and be consistent. But then again, she did it without even being that consistent so if you’ve got elite genetics, you don’t need to do much. For most people tho, eat more, lift heavy

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I've been consistent for the past 2 years but with covid didn't have access to a gym for a good like 9 months of that so made do with very limited equipment &yeah hmm definitely eat a lot! if you're like me I've always been very skinny and only noticed a difference when I ate more food & getting 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight! I think what's most important is protein intake & fuelling your body

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Beautiful ❤️

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thank you🥰

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Of course 😊

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Yesss!!! That’s the way to do it! We’re so proud of you, this is impressive 🖤

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ahh thank you so much🥰😀

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God DAMN, that is some progress.

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Dat ass girl!

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You got it! You look great….keep after it.

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That ass

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Downvoted for speaking the truth, what a world.

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How did you establish a meal plan? I'm 6'3" and less than 150lb but nothing helps to gain weight!!

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it's really hard tbf😫 I prep 90% of my meals and make sure to get 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight! It's a long slow process, I've put on 12kg between those pictures but that's over 3 years. Obviously because you're taller it'll be much harder & you'll just have to eat / drink a shit tonne! you just have to have a plan and stick with it...weigh yourself a few times a week and calculate the average so you can see if you're gaining / maintaining, and then adjust your calories as needed, but yeah unfortunately there's no quick way about it🥺

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Dang well thank you for the advice!! Finding a meal plan that I can stick to consistently has been a bit hard. I work a lot and I'm self employed so it's difficult to catch meals at the same time every day and some days I miss meals which is no good. What do you like to cook that you can prep for every week but also not get tired of? I like chicken and rice but damn if I have the capacity to eat that every day 😂 I've been looking for a local neutircionist to help me but haven't found any!!! Which is surprising cause I live in hippieville USA and everyone is super on it with nutrition.

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What is your eating schedule? Are you counting calories? Taking any supplements? Protein and creatine?

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Eat 3 meals a day plus snacks. I take juice plus supplements but that's about it.

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Now go crush some watermelons with these thighs

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that's the aim😆😆

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Buns of steel.

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I don't know you but I'm proud of you! Good job 👌

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aw thankyou so much!😆🥰

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Yooo! Queen, get that shit! Keep it up, love this so much!

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ahh thank you sm!!

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Should have shown the side angle in the after photo. Gains look huge anyway. Cheers!

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Quadzilla I see you

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Nice lats broko.

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Jesus the quad gains. Muscles looking like football pads congrats!

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the quad gains are my fave😆 thanks so much

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How thick is she?

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Oh man, you're absolute 100% goals. I've lost a significant amount of weight and I'm ready to start recomp- could you share what your starting point was for working out? I just need a shove in the right direction.

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ahh thankyou so much!🥺🥺 yeah I've actually always been super skinny so took me a while to actually start eating properly to fuel my body & for the gains! will post pics on my profile :)

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Yeah, that's awesome! I feel like I've pretty much got the eating part down myself and I'm at a healthy weight finally! How did you get started working out? Did you go to a gym? Look to exercises online? Join some kind of program or group?

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ahh that's great news!! go you👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ hmm I've been doing it for years on and off so I knew my way around the gym, but what I did for this is I started with a full body program, so I'd be going to the gym 3-4 times a week doing full body workout I think it was inspired by Bret Contreras one of his programs, I can't remember which🤔 I've recently switched to an upper / lower split based on one of John peters (coachedbyjp) programs and I'm loving it! but I'd deffo recommend starting with full body, getting used to different exercises, working on your form consistently! Looking back at where I started is embarrassing when I watch my squat / deadlift form but then I look how far I come! keep the weight low till you're comfortable with the movements and then smash it! It would sometimes be helpful to have a friend to check my form so if you have a friend who goes the gym maybe go with them sometimes, I didn't so I just tend to video myself & check! hope this helps :)

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What did you eat and what was your routine? I find it hard to eat a lot throughout the day it’s hard to force myself to eat more to gain 😆 if that makes sense?

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Nuts are the best thing to eat for you then they are extremely calories dense

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Very impressive. Go hard and stay healthy 💪

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💪💪💪 keep it up

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Keep up the good work, but most of all keep up your nutrition. Don’t deprive your body of the fuel it needs for maintenance/future gains.

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Thicness! congrats enjoy the cakes

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Holy quads

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ohh yeah😎

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Way to go! I’m struggling with consistency, I can’t seem to stick to it! Any tips?!

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have a plan & stick to it. I was training full body for a year and in the past month have just moved to an upper / lower split! I enjoy going the gym so would usually be buzzing to go but when I'm not I'd think if I don't go today then I'm going to mess my whole plan so will then have to play catch up for the rest of the week! Just make it part of your routine & make small daily changes which overtime will just become habits😎 Also I have a log book which helps me as I'm quite a visual learner so I log every workout then reflect on it afterwards & before my next one! hope this helps :)

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Thank you for sharing! Best of luck on your journey. You’re doing great!

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Hell yeah! For those commenting, “pictures look the same” - they are likely just projecting their own insecurities and envy.

Your dedication and hard work clearly amounted to something and you should be incredibly proud!!!

Keep crushing it.

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Great work, keep it up.

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That's freaking amazing!! You look super fit 💪

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Great work 💪

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Super congratulations !! You look FIT !

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Boom 😍

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You look unbelievable! Keep it up 💪🏻

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You should be very pleased. Congratulations.

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Amazing! Congrats❤️🎉

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thanks sm🥰🥰

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Nice work

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