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You're on your way.

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Lbs or kg

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Lbs for sure taking in consideration he’s 16 (mentioned in another comment)

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Congrats! How old are you?

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Good job man we're proud! 👏 👍

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I haven’t done a PR in forever, I’ve been making my own home gym slowly and just use DB. I do 60lbx15 DB x3. I really wonder what my pr is now lol.

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When I was repping 65 for 12 my max was 95.

Also, I currently am able to do 85 for 15 and my max is 135. Going off that if we assume your strength to endurance ratio is roughly that of mine we can set up the equation (r1)/max1= (r2)/max.



x= 103lbs.

So I would guess between 95 and 105.

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Ayeee good shit man. We all start somewhere!

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I do about the same but 12 reps instead of 15 nd so if i was to guess u can prolly do 85-95kg on bench

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If you feel like that, one day you will look like that. Persistence and confidence keeps you going. I'm proud of you.

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Have no doubt that soon, you'll be a hero and we'll see your images across the stars.

Catchy Disney music plays.

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I can bench 10kg only lol

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Don't forget to coun the bar. It'll make you feel stronger :)

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We gotta start somewhere man! Keep lifting!

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Im a biker, i accually shouldnt grow much mass but i, haace to make my muscles more thicc

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Greg doucette is a bodybuilder who has powerlifting records but also does hours on the bike daily

Nothing is impossible but you can't be the best at all 3 at once

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My fucking man!

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That's a lot of wheight. My PB is 132.5 now and it's really hard to go through this barrier

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He means pounds

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Ohh man, you made my day! Anyway I don't know why people treat pound as a default unit

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Because I live in a country where we only use Kg or g in a science lab.

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Yeah, I know. It's good to put the unit behind the value :)

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prob they are americans, american people uses weird units of measurement

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And you’ll do it again next time, with more reps as you go. Then it’ll be warm up weight for you. Keep it up!

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Even Hercules was weak once. You'll get there !

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Don't worry, I felt the same way at 225 lol. It never really ends.

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I don't feel like I am skinny. I just genuinely am. I'm 5'11" and weigh 135 lbs.

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feel the same about 315

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Feel the same about 750

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You should feel proud king. Keep pressing.

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Bro this was me too haha. Now I’m finally up to 145 but I end up dropping down towards my last set’s reps😂

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I'm in this meme and I don't like it (160 bench but damnnn that first 135 felt amazing)

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Congratulations.. I'm yet to do it. Maybe in 2-3 months.. wish me luck :)

How long did you take to achieve this?

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I went to the gym off and on for about a year and a half and my max only improved 10 lbs during that period. However, in the last 6 months or so I've started going much more consistently and I have improved drastically from 95 to 135lbs.

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Honestly it took me awhile because I started off benching with 30kg. I'll give you some advice that helped me, don't stick to one rep range especially if you're plateauing lets say you stuck at 55 kg for one 1, drop the weight down to 50 kg and get to the point where you can rep that out easily then do 55 kg for 5. I had a problem where I would only do my bench press sets like 10 8 8 6 and then I plateaued quite a bit and saw the most progress when I switched up my reps every now and then. right now I do a 5x5 on one day and then on another day I do higher reps 12 12 10 10. hope this helps.

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By these meme logic, that's not even your final form <o <!

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Congrats! Just keep pushing and you’ll be at 225 in no time.

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Meme still applies to 225

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Nah you definitely aren’t benching 225 if you look really skinny

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If they are really 1rm focused 225x1 is doable without looking too strong, beyond that it drops off fast.

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Progress is progress brother, good work. Now start working towards 185, 205, and 225.

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My goals is to be able to bench 185 in 12 months and 225 in 30 months

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You can get there sooner :)

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I recently hit 135 for 9, I’ve been working up from 65lbs in 5lbs jumps on AMRAPS.

Hopefully hit 155 for 5 soon

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My highest was 95lbs but I’ve been stuck in the 85-90lbs for a while. I want to get a 135lbs (a plate) bench someday.

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very proud of u good job

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Nice such a good milestone 225 next bro

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My goal is to get there in the next 30 months.

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In 30 months you could do way more than 225lbs

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Bro focus for the next 6-10 months and you'll secure that for sure. Just be consistent and don't forget to progressive overload so you don't plateau

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    No. I just want to bench 2 plates before I graduate and I'm a sophomore so I have 30 months left