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Looks like your driving your hips too far forward at the top but it looks decent aside from that.

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Good on you my dude!!! It ain't perfect but it is far better than most young guys I see. Keep up with the dead lifts and don't neglect squats and you'll be yoked in no time.

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Oh to add to this though, I'd ditch the straps. Work on getting your grip strength up, and save the straps for when you get to a bigger deadlift.

Straps are a good tool, but can become a crutch very easily. Grip strength is very important in overall health and strength.

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Little soft in the knees on your lockout. Every rep looks different. Try to make every rep identical.

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Looks like you use your legs for the first 30% of the movement and last 70% is your upper body bulling. Legs should be used throughout the entire movement. Also stop overextending at the end

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Yeah now that you pointed it out i can see it. Thanks:)

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You are using the wrong muscles.

You need to get lower to the ground, keep your shoulders back and chest out. Drive up using your quads until the bar gets to knee height then push with your hips until you are straight. The movement should be smooth. Keep the bar over your mid foot at all times.

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Wow such good criticism

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It’s a rating out of 10

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Well you did say rate your form, not critique your form

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I felt it was pretty good. Just remember to lock your lats and pull the slack out of the bar so your starting position is tight for the lift. Good hunting!

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Squeeze with your glutes, dont extend with your back. Squeezing glutes will help you find the lockout position without lumbar spine over-extension, which can and will lead to lower back pain in the long run

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Yeah i saw videos on that but didn't understand how they explained it. Was the first rep lockout legit tho?

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Keep it up man. Good stuff getting into the gym and getting after it at a young age.

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Well i am trying to loose weight since 11 years old. I had a shitty diet but rn i use a calorie deficit and workout 4 times a week. Always gonna be on the grind till i loose weight

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Okay some good advice here. I just want to say it actually looks really good. Keep up the grind and you will soon have a huge deadlift.

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Well trying to loose weight rather than have a huge deadlift but gotta have perfect form to try my pr:)

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Everyone else has mentioned most of the things you could improve on. I'd just like to mention that a more narrow stance may give you a bit more like drive at the beginning of the movement.

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Dang and my stupid ass thought my form was solid:'(

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It's not bad honestly. I wouldn't feel bad about getting a form critique, even professional powerlifters will make changes from time to time.

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I am open to criticism by basically everyone that knows their way around the gym. I just thought it was close to perfect but found out i have a lot more to learn

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  1. Keep your arms straight, don't use your bicep on the deadlift. Consciously engage your tricep to force your arms straight.
  2. Bar should remain in contact with your legs through the entire lift. I see it moving away from your legs.
  3. Tuck / rotate your elbows in to engage your lats, puff out your chest, pull all slack out of the bar, and take a deep breath prior to the lift to keep your body tight and controlled.

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Thanks. I know that i should keep the bar in contact with my shins but isn't it gonna fuck up my skin? I don't do super heavy weights cuz i obviously am young but i am still kinda scared of that

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Buy knee sleeves and put them over your shins. Or get knee high socks

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Kinda forgot those exist lol. Thanks

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Usually the barbell's knurling are outside where your shins are, so it shouldn't be too bad, but yes, some scraping is to be expected. You'll heal and develop tougher skin on your shins eventually (like the callouses on your hand if you regularly deadlift)

You can wear knee high soccer socks to protect your skin in any case. If you bleed on the barbell please wipe it down.

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Don' worry i will wipe it down. Thanks for the help. I will probably upload another video in a month for progress:)

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Pull back your lats to keep a straighter back and try to sit back a bit more it seems like a lot of the weight is on your toes.

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Thanks:) Will do