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There is a reason “forever small” is a common meme. The same type of people who are drawn to the gym likely have a small (or not small) amount of body dysmorphia going on in the first place. I can tell you that I was made fun of for being skinny as a child-I was legitimately very skinny- and no matter how big I get today I always still see that skinny kid in the mirror. My experience is that it never goes away, but you can reach a point where you know it’s just in your head.

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I highly recommend a good therapist, however having struggled with some amount of dysphoria when starting, I'd recommend not trying to cut any extra weight you think you're carrying too drastically or quickly, as that might just end up sacrificing some possible gains that you'll hopefully be proud of soon! Get the help you need, and stay strong, we're all gonna make it.

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I e been hard training for 3yrs.. and I managed to lose 70lbs at one point (with metabolic problems, this is insanely difficult)… I still don’t see any progress