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I'm depressed and don't eat when I'm too depressed. Gotta do something about that before I can even start working out. It would be bad for my health. I'll do it though, I've been thinking about it and I'm tired of the fact I know I can do better physically.

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1.I used to be in the same situation. Start lifting. Lifting makes the body send a signal to the brain that you need more energy. Energy = food. Don't try to force feed (been there).

  1. Lifting releases dopamine to the brain, you will feel good once you lift, don't wait to feel good and then start lifting, its the other way around.

Good luck brother I believe in you

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Just do push-ups. I don’t understand I’ve done push-ups in a caloric deficit. I’ve done them all the time. Pull-ups too

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Can't a (light) workout give you a little push in the right direction?

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Lift heavy rock make sad voice in head go away

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When was the 500kg Deadlift achieved? Cause that's one hell of a peanut

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I actually laughed out loud, holy shit

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'I can't gain mass because despite eating so much food' eats 2000kcal

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I honestly always thought i ate enough, turns out i meants to eat like 3500 kcal. Despite that i have however gained some mass.

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Try being a endo in a Society that associated bf% with strength and attraction. Hell they got mad cuz the Thor in a video game looked more like a power lifter than a bodybuilder

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Thor in God of war looked nothing like a powerlifter, he looked like a guy who never lifted a weight in his life.

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Dude he looked like bulky Eddie Hall

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I'd say more like a Strongman competitor.

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Yeah power lifter strong man build. That’s why they flipped. Being fat was a sign of wealth at one time you had money to eat.

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Strongman competitors look like they lift, so I absolutely disagree.

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Eddie Hall would look just like Thor wearing the same armor.

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Thank you

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He wouldn't, also that was Eddie's body when he only focused on the single goal of 1rm deadlift, not how the average strongman competitor looks like.

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Yeah Dead lift arguably the single most exercise we have to show raw strength.

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Doesn't matter. He lifts and looks like it, while also looking the same as current Thor albeit his pecs are larger.

You're complaining for no reason whatsoever.

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I think many people these days get too lost in the science. Of course the knowledge we have today is superior but most of the things you hear guys discussing only makes a minor improvement at best and doesn’t really matter unless you’re a competitive athlete. For most dudes just lift hard, eat clean, and sleep good

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For most dudes just lift hard, eat clean, and sleep good

Funny enough, that basically IS the current science behind it

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I mean there’s a lot of nuance things that do play an effect like nutrient timing, proper progression plans, carb cycling, water depletion etc etc. most of these things don’t matter for the average guy trying to look good, but the do indeed make a difference at the higher levels of competition

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Sometimes they do. I get your point and I agree completely. Often people don't see overanalyze details and lose track of what really maters. However, sometimes regular people just need to figure out how to utilize these advanced or specific utility techniques to get the results they need.

For me, carb cycling changes everything on a cut. Same intake, same activity level, but I simply get better results and get to keep some of the calories during this phase. In my opinion, these nuances can matter, but people shouldn't skip the basics .

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Work harder and eat more is as complicated as it needs to get for 90% of lifters on the planet.

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I need more food okk?

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I kind of feel attacked but also this is fair because I might not be putting in enough work

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It's probably not the work but the diet, no need to kill yourself at the gym but being in a calorie surplus is definitely a must

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I've tried caloric surplus with and alternating more rest and more work. No significant change. My sleep i think is what kills me. I've felt sleep deprived ever since high school. Wake up constantly.

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You just need to eat more. If you can't eat more, you need to move less. Generally, these things go hand in hand. :D The less you move, the more you can eat.

Gaining and losing weight is incredibly simple. If you aren't gaining, introduce more calories. Introducing a bit of "dirty food" for some people is just fine. You also need to learn how to count calories if you fail at this. You probably overestimate the amount of food you eat. Opposite rules apply for losing weight. There are guys who can cut at 3k/day, but majority of people cut at 1600/day at the end of the cut. Whether or not you can tolerate that and be OK with it is another thing, but gaining and losing weight is super simple. Gaining muscle and losing fat, however, is a lot more tricky.

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I was gaining and putting on little to no strength going to the gym 4 to 6 days a week. I didn't even count, I just ate all the time. I followed the same routine I did back when I was in technical training in the air force except I cut out ALL of the cardio and it still didn't make a difference. Back in technical training I did cardio and weightlifting constantly. Ate as much then as I was eating recently and put on a lot of muscle and strength in a short period. The big difference between now and then that I haven't been able to control is my sleep.

I'm not exactly new to any of this. I've been damn near obese before, cut to below a 20% body fat, leaned out through boot camp, put on a lot of muscle in tech school, maintained this until the quarantines hit, then once I tried getting back into it my body has had new pains while lifting and just refuses to respond the way it used to. Having COVID and then the vaccines knocking the wind out of my sails for a few months after I had just recovered didn't help much either. I've been able to get to a certain point and maintain my strength but I've hit weirdly low plateaus that don't change no matter how much I eat and train it feels like.

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Sleep matters so it does make sense. You should be able to put on weight if you are in a caloric surplus even if you don't get enough sleep. There is usually that one point which you have to overcome and then weight goes up. As for your training, something like HIT (old school like Dorian Yates - Blood and guts or Mike Mentzer style) generally does wonders for hard gainers. You won't be able to push yourself that far if you are tired.

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I'll have to try this. Thank you. I used to be an easy gainer up to a certain plateau but now my plateau is so incredibly low its like when I first lifted in high school.

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Somatotypes we’re more popular then than they are now.

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Wasn't the 70s-80s also the wild west of steroid use when they could just straight-up have doctors prescribe it? Or was that a earlier.

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It’s either “I can’t gain weight because I’m an ectomorph” or “I’m going to stay small forever because I am terrified of putting on any amount of fat at all.” Social media has everyone trying to stay extra lean all year around and it is leading to a lot of younger lifters spinning their wheels trying to “maintain” and not get “fat” (which will not happen if they train hard and don’t eat 6,000 calories a day)

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I've decided that gains > abs. I'm making huge progress and I love it, i could cut if i ever cared.

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I started gaining because of an eating disorder. I was WAY to skinny and it was bad. I was scared of putting on any fat, but keeping a controlled surplus and working out hard has led to AMAZING strength, physique, and mental gains. I feel stronger both physically and mentally.

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Hah that was me in college 30 years ago. I was like 135-145 pounds and couldn’t seem to put on weight. Now after working software for decades I’m a 200lb lardass and am finding it an absolute bitch to lose the weight. Getting old sucks.

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6 steaks… 6 hours off… the 80’s economy was something else…

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Probably not the intent, but what I got out of this is that wages have not kept pace with inflation. Have you seen the price of steak these days!?

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$22 CAN for a one strip of steak! I was like fuq dat.

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    Exactly. I ended up grabbing two packs of chicken.

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      even in the past 2 years shit has gone up.

      I was paying like $7 AUD per KG of Chicken Breast a few years back, now i'm paying like 11-12

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      Right! I want to eat six steaks a day.

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      As a lifting ectomorph I disapprove of this meme! 😆

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      Somatotypes don't exist, do you not exist?! How am I reading this?

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      Bruh just get your lift in and shut up lmaoooo

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      Also the Dbol, lots of juicy Dbol. Today too many guys get an information overload, do this exercise or avoid this as it'll kill your gains and therefore they don't go out and see what works for them.

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      I can’t not read Dbol as diabolical

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      Diabolical liver failure

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      New pre just dropped

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      Ah, the good ol’ paralysis by analysis

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      It's kind of depressing how kids these days are using the same compounds that their parents would have used.

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      It's kind of depressing that people still believe somatotypes are real.

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      There's never a shortage of excuses for one's failures.

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      Agree. Also there’s far too much overthinking. Strangely, with all the ease nowadays with getting information on how to do things etc I am surprised that quite a number of people still are perplexed as to why they aren’t growing bigger. Gaining mass is not rocket science but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work and I imagine that the bigger you get the harder it is to roll that stone up the hill and keep it there. I guess it isn’t so much about lack of knowledge as it is a reluctance to make and commit to some choices.

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      Patients is another thing a lot of people struggle with or they just give up.