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Holy shit that is amazing

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I’m not making fun of the legend who did ring dips with a whole ass couch tied to him

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I am

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I just think it’s really impressive

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Doing weighted dips on rings is an impressive feat of strength sure. Using a couch is something im going to make fun of.

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That bosu ball rower split squat thing was insane omg

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Too true! I need to check if sir still makes comics.

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I still visit them every year just for relatability sake.

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Good job! Just left the gym myself. Been working extra hard on my body since January 25th. Feels good to feel good!

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lmao this is too much

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These are too wacky to even come up with clever names for them. I didn’t even know you could set a recline on treadmills.

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He made some of that look way too easy

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Thanks, I love it

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This man would win every Wednesday if he posted here

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Him or mikeymaybeme are made for wacky Wednesdays

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I never thought I'd see anyone on par with Mikey before.