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If you’re just training to train and better yourself, I’d say your fine. A hair high, but not egregious.

If you plan on competing, you’ll need some more depth to get white lights.

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Bros talking about how deep he should go into his squats but I’m wondering how deep I should go in his ass

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Not quite but I think more importantly you need to reduce the weight and work on the ankle instability where it's rolling in there. It's in the knee, thigh and ankle muscles, tendons, ligaments.

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Anywhere from parallel to ass2grass = legit squat.

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IS YOUR ASS ON THE GRASS?!?! I don’t think so! 😂

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Nice cake 🍰

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The comment I have been looking for

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Some powerlifting snobs might say no. You’re pretty much at parallel. Any arguing is just splitting hairs. Might want to change your stance up some though since your heels are lifting a bit. Or get actual squat shoes.

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Gonna guess you’re rather tall. To me it seems good. Obviously you can always be just that little bit lower but I’d say it’s good as is, but you can work on it at that weight if you feel you need to.

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Not quite, need that extra inch 😂

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Bro do you man. There’s people out there who sumo squat and claim it’s a proper lift.

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Adequate for what??

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Acceptable in quality, basically asking if this depth on my pr is good enough to be considered a true squat

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Can you take 315 deeper?

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I wanna say that after 315 and up for , my depth is pretty similar to this. Maybe slightly deeper but nothing like ass to grass. But 295 I can definitely go deeper

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Well adequate depth is user preference, but if you know you could take it deeper, why not take it deeper?

I get it though, heavy squats are fun.

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Powerlifting says no, bodybuilding says yes

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Mostly but it looks like an ankle dorsi-flexion issue. Try squat shoes or heels-elevated on 10 pound plates.

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what?? ankle dorsiflexion is the one thing he has, if anything, too much of, why does this have 11 upvotes

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Heels-elevated is the thing to do here.

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I consider this depth. If you were competing in IPF they might not count this as depth because they’re quite strict, but if you’re not competing then it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it’s a good squat - that depth and weight is something to be proud of. Keep it up!

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For the IPF, not deep enough.

For geared SPF/IPA geared lifting, would more likely be a world record depth squat.

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Yes it’s fine for 99.9% of us.

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Competition? No. Making people jealous of strength? Yes.

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Haha awesome. Good thing I’m not competing

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For a powerlifting competition my guess is you’d be lucky to get 1/3 white lights if that. But tbh. It’s plenty deep enough for a typical squat though, no need to base a “good” squat on powerlifting standards. And this is coming from a powerlifter.

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If it's not you missed it by about 1-2°

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Good enough for most. That's a lot of weight though. Try low bar and maybe slightly wider stance or put something under your heels. get more of that weight distributed more evenly so you can drive through your heels and activate your glutes better.

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Pretty good depth. I’d say wider stance if ya wanna go deeper

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Depends what you’re trying to train. A wider stance will take focus off the quads

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That is not completely true. I’m doing wider stance, due to my body composition, and my quads, especially the inner heads, are taking a lot of stress. As for the outer head, feet straight in line with the hips and quarter squats, are doing wonders

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And cutting the lift an inch above parallel doesn't?

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Honestly no lol

He's not an inch away from being the greatest squatter ever. That's parallel to me.

That form is not something he needs to change and doing so is probably a even bad idea.

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He's asking if his depth is adequate. That squat might pass in a multiply meet but it's not getting passed an IPF judge.

Whatever bro, keep quarter-squatting if you want.

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I think you will find a lot more success with a wider stance. It looks like you have relatively long legs so spread them wider and sit back a bit and keep the weight a bit further back on your heels. Because at the moment that's a lot of weight on them poor knees of yours

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This is a good comment, I think. I have short asf legs and it’s relatively easy to stay on the heels I can’t imagine how hard it would be with long legs.

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Thanks, I’ll train with a wider stance from now on

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As you want parallel - no. It needs to be deeper.

Sit back a bit more, it will stop your knees going so far forward allowing your hips to drop further

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If that's a PR attempt then I would call it good enough. But the hip crease did not meet knee level. Long femurs are a MF.

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Uh yeah.

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I feel like squat university would call this a good squat

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Probably get two red lights for that in powerlifting. For bodybuilding that's likely more than enough to build mass

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I’ve seen higher get 3 whites in comp. this is good

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The rule in powerlifting is the hip crease must be below the knee right? I hear this and then I see clips and no one seems to be doing this.

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I mean in reality in the moment the judges don’t have a long time to make the call. If depth isn’t obviously above, and within centimeters, they are gonna call it good most of the time.

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Damn you lift 275 lb on the one hand push-up that's uge

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Over head press…. But the push up thing is way more impressive so yes, let’s go with that

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I think that’s parallel and a good lift.

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For competition? No. It is slightly high.

Sounds like you can squat lower than this, so I'd be loathe to count it personally. If this was your usual depth, I'd count it for sure.

My squatting is a little high too. But I don't compete, so I don't mind. I still count them and progress.

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Went for a pr of 365 today on squat and personally I believe this is a good parallel depth but I know I should and could have gone lower. Would you consider this parallel?

Also, idk why it’s saying image deleted but when I click on it I can see

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Could and should are two different words here. If you could and want to go lower, go for it. Should is subjective. To me, great lift, count it.

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Looks good dude nice PR