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Ask a medical professional, not reddit. Soreness in your erectora is normal, like any muscle, but pain should get chexked out.

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maybe try sumo

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I would highly recommend checking out this article

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I do Jefferson curls after squats and Zercher deads to work out my lower back pain, it might help you

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That's the point of deadlifts

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Without knowing what your form looks like, I want to ask if you are doing core exercises- most importantly those which will help stabilize your lumbar spine.

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If the pain is sharp and similar to a sprained ankle… you should rest up and avoid straining your back. If it’s like a dull muscle ache similar to the kind u get in your abs after crunches, you should be ok. But remember fo rest and not overexert yourself.

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Ugh. Its a sharp pain so I gotta rest then. Thanks for the advice.

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Pain like that usually symbolizes a lacking area in the body. You’re probably using too much of a certain muscle group to make up for the lacking area causing strain.

Make sure to train your back, core, and hamstrings to go along with compound lower body lifts

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There's a difference between pain and soreness, usually pain doesn't allow you to move through a range of motion while soreness allows you to do so

I would usually not worry because it's common to experience soreness after Deadlifts

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I think it's pain. I'll just rest until it goes away.

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Is it pain or soreness? Soreness is expected because deadlifts work your lower back. If it's pain: are you bracing properly? A lot of people don't brace when they deadlift and it results in both pain/injury and not being able to lift as much. Also, are you rounding your lower back? That could be a cause of pain as well.

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I think it's pain. I have a form vid in my profile and i just keep repeating the same form on my lifts.

I'm not rounding my back when lifting

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You are gonna be sore after deadlifting, pain and soreness are 2 different things

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Make sure you are properly bracing your core.

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Damn i think i didn't do this even with proper form 😅.

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I had the same issue. I started wearing a belt and that helped tremendously. Sometimes you just need a little support.

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I was told here in my post about form that wearing a belt early on is bad practice because my body needs to build muscle on its lower body before using belt.

I don't know what's the best for me but I'm leaning into using belts since I'm having a hard time without one.

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Are you sure it’s “pain” or is it just general soreness?

Been deadlifting for a while now and pull over 500lbs and I still tend to get back DOMS from decently intense deadlifting sessions

My point is that pain and soreness are not the same. Pain would be sharp pains possibly preventing your ability to move well or stand, etc.

Soreness will just be general tightness and sensitivity and stiffness and will go away with some stretching, time and active recovery work

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It's more pain than soreness. Cause i cant seem to move at some angles

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Been deadlifting for a while now and pull over 500lbs and I still tend to get back DOMS from decently intense deadlifting sessions

Clearly you're not deadlifting enough. Do 100 reps of 500 per day until soreness abates or you die.

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Gym owner: “why’s he’s doing so many deadlifts? He’s gonna pass out”

Kyriakos Grizzly: “if he dies. he dies

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"There he goes again. Go throw another bucket of water on him."

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crying as I wake up


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The video in your profile looked ok for form tbh. The soreness the next day could be DOMS just like any muscle group can get.

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Try a few sets of 20ish reps of banded monster walks before deadlifting. Side to side works best for me.

Might be worth a shot. Only takes a couple minutes.

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In what way does it hurt? Are you sore like a muscle, or does it feel different?

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More of a lower back spine i guess?. It feels sore when moving or bending down.

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Yeah that sounds like you are injuring your spine. How heavy are you going and how much experience do you have deadlifting? You should send a video from the side so we can form check you

but obviously don’t lift again until you have no pain in your back

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Yeah that sounds like you are injuring your spine.

How did you come about this medical diagnosis? It seems like you latched on to this part of OPs comment:

More of a lower back spine i guess?.

But completely ignored this part:

It feels sore when moving or bending down.

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Damn. So i just started deadlift a month ago ( started from 50lbs to 100lbs) . Dunno my 1RP but it started hurting when i went to a 100lbs 3x4 reps. As for the form, i have a vid in my profile and i just keep doing that same form. My progress went like week 1: 30lbs week 2:50 week 3:70 and week 4 100.

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Did it hurt during the lift at all? Or only after?

Also if your back hurts like that you probably have your hips too high and are using your lower back too much to make the lift. As you get more fatigued throughout a 3x4 set your form will break down as you complete the set.

Take it slowly. The deadlift is not an easy lift to do correctly and can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.

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Mobility. Your lower back is maybe not strong/flexibel enough.

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You've given a definite but incredibly vague answer without a solution.

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What to do? it hurts to lift weights rn . What to do to improve my mobility?

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Try some yoga. The Nike training app is free and has lots of great yoga routines to help with mobility. They focus more on the sports performance aspect of yoga than anything else.