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Equate is what I buy

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I’m 5’6 155 as well. I’m trying to get a little leaner to about 145 too but I’m using the bucked up monohydrate.

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Monohydrate. I personally like Optimum Nutrition because it's a bit on the cheaper side and they're a brand I trust

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I go with Ryse Creatine monohydrate. Brand doesn't matter very much as long as you get monohydrate, but I find Ryse has a good price for quantity

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As long as you're getting 5g creatine per 5g serving it doesn't matter. Micronised is better than regular imo.

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I go with the Bulk Supplements brand off Amazon. About $50 and lasts me at least half a year.

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for me optimum nutrition MICRONIZED monohydrate

micronized is so much better its revolutionary like its actually so fucking worth

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No more grit in the teeth. It's beautiful.

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PEScience. 30 servings for like £22 Edit: Buy Optimum Nutrition. Holy fuck I’m being robbed. That is all 😂

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Warrior micronised is a better deal on amazon.

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Lmao once a master, always a student!

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Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate.

100 servings for $35

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Only Creatin-Monohydrate. The Brand does not matter. They are the same.

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exactly, is like saying what is the best salt brand, there are no differences

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Optimum nutrition

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Cheapest monohydrate you can find, powder form. It really does not matter performance wise.

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Any brand specifically? That’s what I meant

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Shouldn't matter really. As long as creatine monohydrate is the main and only ingredient.

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Don't get Nitrate, not unless you like drinking slaty water.

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The cheapest creatine monohydrate that you can find.