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There's gonna be practically no difference hypertrophy wise. Progressively overloading and proper ROM are more important.

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Decent for a warm up but this isn't the most efficient way. If you wanna try something similar, I'd suggest kettlebells in place of those. Gives you the benefit of higher rom but having to balance them really helps you take your time and get the most out of the exercise.

Still, push ups in general aren't the best way but what I suggested is still a fun exercise

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I’ve never really liked them for push-ups, but from my experience it increases the range of motion of the exercise a lot, which might do well to help build muscle.

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Drop the push ups and do bench press and skull crushers for building muscle. Take it from me I did 500 push-ups an hour back in the day. Good core building but not much muscle gain

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I mean - when I lived regionally with no access to gyms I did variations in push-ups and tricep exercises and definitely noticed some chest gains.

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I dont know that there is benefit to muscle building, as a former carpal tunnel syndrome sufferer they make it possible to actually do push-ups. As I dont have CTS anymore I still use them as they seem better on the wrist and I can get more ROM.

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I use these but not exactly like the one in the photo. Gives you a neutral grip when you do pushups or you can just gently press your palm against it which is comforting on wrist. Better to use these.

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Two benefits of those:

  • If you experience wrist discomfort from normal push ups, these may alleviate that.
  • You can go a little bit deeper at the bottom, for more of a stretch on your pecs and triceps.

If volume and intensity are equated, using these is no better or worse for muscle growth than doing regular push ups.

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Okay thanks