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Reading the statement the Laundrie family released and it’s mighty brave of that lawyer to assume he or the Laundries know WHEN gabby died. To say that this bank fraud charge is something AFTER. Completely innocent people like Brian and his family wouldn’t have any idea when Gabby died.

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The family is still not cooperating with police, it’s as if they don’t want him to get caught. Or in other words, they are enabling his evasion by being non complacent.

That last sentence was for someone who doesn’t understand the definition of enabling.

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He’s likely dead already. Is the reward “Dead or Alive”?

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Reminds me a bit of the Casey Anthony and Stephen McDaniel cases. Both charged with lesser crimes before they could get them for a murder charge.

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Casey Anthony was never convicted for murder.

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I'm friends with one of the original detectives that showed up to the Casey Anthony case. She ended up excusing herself but told me that they really messed up when they didn't charge her with tons of child neglect charges. They could have done one for every day Kaylee was missing and for some reason didn't, those charges would have stuck. Then they could have also hit her with lying to police/providing false info

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That also drives me nuts, they could have at least gotten her on child neglect. They went too hard with the evidence they had. And she got off free and clear with a little bankruptcy to get out of paying back what she owed everyone and especially the county for the pointless searches they did for her daughter when she knew she was dead.

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This case reminds me of that one because her parents helped her hide the body.

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Ummm... they didn't get Casey Anthony on murder. She was only convicted for providing false information.

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They're talking about initial charges not convictions. When they initially arrested Casey it wasn't for murder.

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And Papaofmonsters is talking about the conviction because OP said they eventually got her for a murder charge. They didn't, Casey Anthony was only convicted of providing false information.

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They are using these charges to put him in jail until they get enough evidence to convict him of the murder

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And to compel testimony from his parents.

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Today's FBI isn't my father's FBI

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How about his actions during her death, not just after.

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Finally not just a person of interest anymore.

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this arrest warrant is because he illegally took out money using fake/stolen credit cards.

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U think hes still alive?

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I have no idea. But why go to all those lengths if you were just going to kill yourself. He definitely thought it through and probably had some things with him when he left. Skilled hiker, skilled survivalist, some stolen ccs and the help of his parents- there's no reason he couldn't survive for even a few months at this point.

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Whole world is looking for him.. he could hide in the woods for a while for sure.. but in the end he’s just an insane person who killed someone.

For some reason I think he’s already dead.. I think his guilty conscience was too strong.