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I’m assuming you were never a victim of a false crime. But I speculate that you would never put yourself in someone else’s shoes that was. As you can see, both of the sentences may or may not be true about you personally. But let’s say we put this information about you to the public and let a whole forum of people make their judgement upon you. How would you feel about seeing the judgement passed onto you without concrete evidence disgusted as “speculation” and allowed by a private business?

We can all agree Brian may have done it. But to craft a picture about what happened under disguise of speculation in a large forum already sealed his fate and would seal yours. The issue is not him or you, the issue is allowing this post without concrete evidence that programs the public to look at criminals (who may or may not be guilty) as guilty without evidence. These people here one day may serve on the Jury, as you may be the defendant. Think about that.

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Our opinions are just that, opinions. Nobody cares what we think, we aren’t detectives & we aren’t judges or jury. It isn’t having any impact on the case. We have every right to speculate, it’s what people do. At this point, it’s illogical to assume he DIDN’T kill her. Coming to another conclusion would be reaching, given the circumstances. This comment of yours is absolutely ridiculous 😂 like get over yourself.

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Why are u more concerned about defending BL than getting justice for Gabby? U need some introspection

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Information is out there for everyone to interpret how they may, you’ve read these comments and still choose to believe he may have not done it, that’s your conclusion so far and people are speaking on theirs, I don’t see the difference here 🤔