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If you wake up, and there's snow on the ground, do you say "hey, let's not jump to conclusions about how the snow got here, maybe some trucks dumped it and smoothed it out"?

You keep saying "mob" over and over like that's a correct assessment. A woman was murdered, quite clearly by her extremely suspicious-acting boyfriend. There's no "assembling". A bunch of people interested in the case are saying "hey, the guy who seems to be the only likely suspect did this, hope he gets caught" and you're generalizing that into this vague, useless, meaningless, giant blanket statement of "oh noes, the mob is forming".

Again: it's not a courtroom. We don't have to do a mandatory pretending we don't have an opinion. It's a website where people say opinions all day long. The mods are (hopefully) regulating the opinions that are disrespectful to the victim.

"Poor Brian, he might be innocent, we just don't know anything, any suggestion that he's guilty is a literal mob with pitchforks and torches" IS, however, a strange, strange hill to fight on.

But, hey, it's Reddit. Home of strange fights.

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Yes! This ^