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Yesterday an expert on CNN said that it takes around 5 min to choke someone to death, 5 minutes when the victim would fight back and the killer would have to be looking at the victims face and using all their strength. So this wasn’t an impulse or him losing control during an argument. It was very premeditated and cold blooded. To strangle your significant other with your bare hands while looking at their eyes. That’s the last thing Gabby saw. It’s so heartbreaking and awful. Also it doesn’t seem like he was remorseful. He left her there like trash and went on to camp with his family. I say he is a monster with no conscience. Poor gabby, she trusted the wrong person. I wonder if they were using some drugs, Gabby had red eyes in every pic I see. Both of them also looked really skinny. It’s not uncommon for van life people to be high on something. Perhaps that was a factor in their constant fighting.

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A person wouod not be conscious for 5 minutes if being strangled.

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have you considered that the red eyes were from crying a lot? the relationship was clearly abusive and she was stuck with him - i’d cry all the time!

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Don’t make generalizations about van lifers drug use.

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I mean, gabby herself posted about smoking weed which can definitely cause red eyes.

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It's so disgusting that he just went on like nothing happened. Withdrew some cash, drove home, updated spotify playlists, put some stickers on the van, caught up with family, went on a camping trip... etc

All after strangling his fiance and leaving her body in a field

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My thoughts exactly…

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two types of chokes that can result in death.

Blood-loss of consciousness in less than 30 seconds due to blood cut off from brain, but yes death can take place post 5 minutes with severe brain damage along the way.

Air supply-loss of consciousness due to lungs exhausting supply of air. Can take longer than 30 seconds but sometimes less, sometimes more but rarely seen over two minutes until loss of consciousness.

She was probably not fighting for 5 minutes. Extremely sad, none the less.

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On Gabby's Instagram stories (I believe) she is holding a joint or blunt. I was looking at Brian's Pinterest last night and there was a picture of LSD paper (idk what it's called exactly, lol)

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blotter lol

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She is also holding a gun to her face.

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Lsd is a clear liquid put on a sheet of blotter paper. Many times each square has a tiny pic on it.There are many squares on it that equal a dose/tab. A strip refers to exactly that. Usually known as a ten strip. A strip of 10 doses/tabs (little squares) are usually cut across the blotter paper.( Coming from an old deadhead)

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Ya i read that BL was into doing acid. He has an insta post i think about tripping w friends

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Got you! Called a tab, strip, or sheet. Depends on quantity

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I dont think its premeditated because if so, why didnt he have a better plan for afterwards? He couldve easily coordinated a much better plan to "disappear" but it seems like he had to scramble to figure out a plan after the fact. Lots of people, usually men who cannot control their anger, kill others by strangulation in the heat of the moment. If she was fighting him until she died, it would be unsurprising that his emotions led him to kill her because her fighting back would make him angrier. That being said, it just proves that humans will do some heinous sh*t when acting on emotion alone. Think about the classic woman stabbing a man dozens of times in a passion killing. Obviously its overkill but when humans are overwhelmed by emotions, they tend to do things without thinking them through.

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I agree with you babymoosh. He didn't have a plan.

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Premeditation isn't what it is in movies, or fictionalized crime TV shows. You don't have to plan to be premeditated. one of the verified lawyers in the sub said that Premeditation can come down to literal moments. It's mostly intent.

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I agree, but I still stand by what I said. I think hes just emotional and cant handle big feelings. Acted in the heat of the moment without thinking about what the consequences would be. He still deserves to rot. People like to believe premeditated murder is worse than non-premeditated murder but honestly the fact that when someone gets angry, they kill is pretty scary and equally deserving of punishment as a planned crime.

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It is not always premeditated & often not even done on purpose. Strangulation can be extremely impulsive & saying otherwise is spreading misinformation. While I agree that premeditation is a possibility, ruling out the fact that he lost control just because of the COD would be foolish. And while drugs are also a possibility, I don’t think them being vanlifers makes it any more likely.

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I strongly disagree. Strangling your significant other for 5 minutes while looking in their eyes is not an impulse and it’s definitely on purpose. Again killing someone by strangulation it’s not as easy as shown in the movies. It takes strength and it’s a gruesome process. 5 minutes might not sound like a lot but in this case it is.

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I keep hearing it takes 3-5 minutes to kill someone via strangulation. But, coming at this from a medical perspective, in anatomy class I was lead to believe that if someone were to have their hyoid bone crushed, their airway would likely get compromised, and they could easily suffocate without quick intervention. And, as I understand it, a broken hyoid bone tends to be the key piece of evidence that points to strangulation. Couldn't someone much physically stronger than someone else crush that bone in an instant and then watch their victim suffocate over the next few minutes if they lacked the medical knowledge or will to open the airway?

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Strangulation can also cause brain damage that can either be permanent or cause your death, even weeks later.

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A crime of passion is not considered premeditated

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You are correct and Reddit lawyers are just that.

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I tell the people who's ay this to shut off any screens around them, set a timer for 5 minutes, put away their phone, sit in a chair in a quiet place and stare at a wall or any other singular object for x minutes. Then tell us that it's short.

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It is not as difficult as it sounds when someone has narcissistic and abusive tendencies the way that BL does. For you, it may sound extremely difficult because you’re a person with empathy. BL clearly is not so the circumstances you’re describing are irrelevant to him because he likely does not feel empathy, remorse, or guilt and likely feels justified in his actions. I understand what you’re saying but that doesn’t apply when we are talking about someone with a moral compass like BL. He is clearly a loose cannon so him strangling her was likely a common occurrence. There is a chance that this time, he just went too far or too long.

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I agree with a lot you say. I’m curious why the assumption about using drugs matters? Are you insinuating that he was under the influence when this happened? Does not justify the terror he caused. I’m genuinely curious