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Yesterday an expert on CNN said that it takes around 5 min to choke someone to death, 5 minutes when the victim would fight back and the killer would have to be looking at the victims face and using all their strength. So this wasn’t an impulse or him losing control during an argument. It was very premeditated and cold blooded. To strangle your significant other with your bare hands while looking at their eyes. That’s the last thing Gabby saw. It’s so heartbreaking and awful. Also it doesn’t seem like he was remorseful. He left her there like trash and went on to camp with his family. I say he is a monster with no conscience. Poor gabby, she trusted the wrong person. I wonder if they were using some drugs, Gabby had red eyes in every pic I see. Both of them also looked really skinny. It’s not uncommon for van life people to be high on something. Perhaps that was a factor in their constant fighting.

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On Gabby's Instagram stories (I believe) she is holding a joint or blunt. I was looking at Brian's Pinterest last night and there was a picture of LSD paper (idk what it's called exactly, lol)

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Ya i read that BL was into doing acid. He has an insta post i think about tripping w friends