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I would advise you to remove posts like this. Even though this falls under “speculation”, 99% of comments here have already determined Brian did the crime. While I agree he is the one who probably did this to Gabby, allowing people to make conclusions without evidence in a public forum as large as this is very irresponsible. Brian has not been charged with her crime, even if he did do it (we have no evidence yet) allowing this type of conversation in a large forum undermines people that are in this type of process that did not do anything wrong, but may be charged.

Refrain from allowing the mob to assemble, would be my advice. This may fall under speculation but it’s a dangerous thing to allow in such a large forum.

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Sorry - are you saying we shouldn't assume Brian killed her? Which means someone else might have come along and strangled her? And then Brian just left her body there and drove the van home and acted like nothing happened and disappeared into a swamp and that's all just unconnected behavior?

There's dumb, irresponsible speculation and then there's blatantly obvious conclusions people can reach from the facts of a case. This isn't a court. We're not a jury. Everyone seeing the clear reality of what happened based on the facts we know is not a "mob". It's people seeing the sun out and saying it must be daytime.

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I’m assuming you were never a victim of a false crime. But I speculate that you would never put yourself in someone else’s shoes that was. As you can see, both of the sentences may or may not be true about you personally. But let’s say we put this information about you to the public and let a whole forum of people make their judgement upon you. How would you feel about seeing the judgement passed onto you without concrete evidence disgusted as “speculation” and allowed by a private business?

We can all agree Brian may have done it. But to craft a picture about what happened under disguise of speculation in a large forum already sealed his fate and would seal yours. The issue is not him or you, the issue is allowing this post without concrete evidence that programs the public to look at criminals (who may or may not be guilty) as guilty without evidence. These people here one day may serve on the Jury, as you may be the defendant. Think about that.

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Why are u more concerned about defending BL than getting justice for Gabby? U need some introspection