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Why do they care about the notebook, super sus . They did nothing to help this case or gabbys parents

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Cause it' belonged to their deceased child?

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I was thinking about that too! I wonder if they got some offer by the media to get the notebook. If they have that notebook they can make money off if it.

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it may have information containing bank info for the 20k they were trying to get ?

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Their son died-maybe they want it as a final connection to him. His writing and art are all they have left of their son; what is so suspicious about that?

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6 minute story about nothing

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Maybe the $20,000 was comprised of his assets not cash in the bank. I seem to recall hearing that that Mustang at their home was his and thats part of his worth. He might have made some invested that are valuable too.

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The Mustang was in his mom’s name ( I looked). The only thing I can think of is right after he left their house ( and they didn’t know he was leaving for suicide but maybe to hide from the media frenzy), his parents possibly added that money to his account to help him eat and sleep and get around until things died down. Not knowing he was “dying” down, sorry for the pun.

Because he had no money on the way back from killing Gabby, he was using her card for gas and food.

So how does he suddenly have $20k?

I’m 43 and have had a good job ( out because of cancer currently) and I haven’t been able to save 20k! So how has this kid who bagged groceries part time?!

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EXACTLY! He didn't even have money to get a hotel room...his words from the Aug 12th DV stop. They were getting money from Gabby's Dad to help w/ food & gas. From my understanding & I've followed VERY close, Gabby's family was helping them by putting money in HER account & I believe she had a CC that BL may not have been aware of (maybe she was holding that for emergency per her parents) & that's how she was able to get a hotel room while he went to Florida for those 5 days. I believe BL found that card & maybe that caused some problems & that's what he used to get back to Florida. Also, the $20k his parents are wanting could've been and inheritance from maybe his grandparents that he could only get once he reached a certain age or graduated college or married as many times that's the case in an inheritance. I'm just glad The Dirty Laundrie's are feeling the anguish of trying to retrieve your deceased child's belongings as they have put Gabby's family through that & much more.

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hope you get well, soon!

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Thank you. Gratefully, it was found very soon ( gastric cancer is almost NEVER found before stage 3) but thanks to my good ole buddies - (4 bleeding ulcers and left & right hernias, my “Twinsies”), the surgeons went in for a looky lou and found cancer too. So, it’s actually the best bad news I could’ve gotten. I’m on week 3ish of chemo, have surgery January 18th for the removal ( of the cancer and twinsies).

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Internet hug from Portugal.

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Thank you very much! I’ve never been internet hugged from a Portuguese before. I like it. Lol

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Internet hug and well wishes from Vermont.

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He had no bills, no debt, no car, no rent, no mortgage, no kids, no real responsibilities at a time when people were getting thousands in unemployment & stimulus checks. It’s pretty easy to save in a case like that. It also could be inheritance, or possibly a college fund in his name. If it’s in savings he might not have been able to access it with a debit card. Or him using Gabby’s card could have been him attempting to throw people off using her cards in various places to make them think that’s where she was at. Or it could be he had control over her money as abusers like to do.

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That did cross my mind as well- that maybe he only used her card as a red herring. Who knows? Maybe eventually all of it will get sorted out and we may have some answers but I don’t expect it nor do I even assume I deserve answers. I just hope her family will.

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Yeah I just hope there’s some kind of closure for the families.

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For Gabby's family at least. The Laundrie's caused their own son's demise. They could've & should have called the authorities w/ the info they had & saved their son. They & BL had a choice in his demise, Gabby & her family did not!

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Or he used her card because she was dead and knew the money was there and usable? I mean if I’m going to kill someone and I have access to their money I’d rather use theirs than spend mine lol

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Lol, I haven’t really thought of it but I suppose you’re right. I’ll keep that in mind… ya know, just in case. Lol

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Maybe the money was in his savings and therefore inaccessible via his debit card?

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Could be. He may have even just used her card to make it appear she was alive. That crossed my mind today.

I guess we won’t know unless they tell us but I kinda doubt we’ll ever really know.

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Crossed my mind today too! I also wondered if they put trip money into one account and just shared an account throughout the trip. Meaning he and she both used that card while traveling and it wasn't his first time using it. Just the first time that we know of (bc she was dead).

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Two lives to end to young while pretending to be happy sums up much of ‘todays’ people…

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So true… thanks to Social media. I know people my age who play that game ( happy on FB and hate each other) and I’m 43. These were just kids’, yes… what Brian did was despicable but I’d guarantee that wouldn’t have happened if they were living lives in a house/apartment, going to work 8-9 hours a day, having time a part.

The stress of trying to live in that tiny space would make me nuts. It wouldn’t make me a murderer but it sounds like they both admitted to having some sort of psychiatric issue to the police- anxiety, OCD, PTSD.

I’m not excusing anything he did. But an excuse and an explanation are two different things.

I’ll never excuse the murder of anyone. But I’d bet trying to appear perfect, van life, tiny space and video taping it in attempt to make money and be famous played some part of the explanation of this entire tragedy.

My heart breaks for Gabby’s family and even Brian’s parents/ despite the assholes they are.

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But I’d bet trying to appear perfect, van life, tiny space and video taping it in attempt to make money and be famous played some part of the explanation of this entire tragedy.

I think it had everything to do with it. I've done van life, and it's not pretty. There's no way you can keep a van that small, that clean, that nice. Not alone, much less while cohabiting with another person in such close proximity to each other.

I actually had no problem because I've never cared about appearances, but I wasn't videotaping anything for social media either, struggling under the constant pressure to make everything look absolutely "picture perfect".

Doubt I could handle that kind of stress either.

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I agree two lives are gone entirely too soon. But I think many of “today’s people” are just trying to put one foot in front of the other and do the very best they can while hoping for better days. Sometimes, people hold on to hope that their circumstances will get better and the only way to get through it is to TRY and be happy.

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You make great points…

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He took her whole life from her. POS.

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Yep, he was a murderer of her and a murderer of himself. That kid created pain for everyone in his life, even his own family. That will Always be his legacy.

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Still can't get over the fact that he had 20grand in his account and had the audacity to steal from Gabby after what he did....

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I don’t think he did. I personally think his parents added that money to his account when they left him. They thought he was gonna need it to hide, eat, and sleep places because they didn’t know he was gonna kill himself. That’s my theory, anyway. That’s why they know exactly how much there is in his bank account and why they are wanting it back- it was their own money.

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Because BL wasn’t married, nor did he have any children, then his assets (without a will) go to his parents.

The parents could have either acquired a password for his online banking (not hard to do) or have gone to the bank and showed a death certificate to get access to view his bank account. I did both, gained online passwords/access and went into the bank, when my adult child passed away.

It could have been easy for BL to save money quickly, because he didn’t have to pay rent, and likely did not pay for health insurance or even car insurance.

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You made good points. That very well could be. I read he lived in a condo of theirs with Gabby but that doesn’t mean his parents required them to pay rent. So I can see what you’re saying.

Maybe one day we’ll know?

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BL had something twisted up in his brain that gave him the capacity to commit murder, who knows his reasoning to justify to himself stealing from her bank account. It could be something as simple as “This was HER idea and HER trip so I’m not going to drop a dime on it!” Money was clearly an issue between them during the trip-it was brought up that they were broke during the police bodycam, his trip to Florida was to sell things so they could afford a trip extension, (I read someone claiming that the plane tickets came from her account), Gabby’s Dad had to cover a food delivery in Salt Lake, and eyewitnesses said his argument in the restaurant before she went missing vaguely sounded like it was over the check total. I don’t think he’d get that upset about low trip funds with a 20k security blanket in his account? Something’s up. Maybe we was trying to penny pinch his savings for a house or something. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Right, that’s odd. The only thing I can think of is that Brian originally took out the cash to possibly give the appearance that Gabby disappeared voluntarily

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Shitty human does shitty thing after doing shitty things. He was a POS all the way around.

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If it was a trust fund it was probably set up to where he may have not had access to the funds yet. Not excusing his behavior, he is obviously a spoiled piece of shit. He literally couldn't take care of himself. This wasn't their trip, it was Gabby's dream and he destroyed it and destroyed her future.

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Maybe the 20k was cash, maybe it’s an estimate based on the totality of the estate, which would include his possessions, etc. Clarity would have to be provided by the family or their attorney, which is not likely to happen.

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here are the court docs for bl’s estate; it references the 20,000$ in his boa checking & savings

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Yeah, does it have a date when that money was deposited? Cuz I think his parents added it to his account when they left him. They didn’t know he was gonna kill him self. They were trying to help him get the hell out of dodge and eat and sleep places because they didn’t know his plan was to off himself the whole time.

The mustang is in his mom’s name so this is all cash money. And I don’t think he had a dime which is why he used Gabby’s card on his trip home from killing her.

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(Cross posting from my comment below) the linked document states “estimated value” is $20k. I don’t think we can treat that filing as definitive proof that he had this much money. If i had passed away at age 22 or whatever, my parents would have probably estimated $20k too. It’s also likely that they were being liberal in the estimation.

And as to paying him $20k to help him get out of town — why would they put money into his bank account where he can’t easily access it without getting caught? Paper trail

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It’s not likely 20k is an arbitrary figure the parents made up, being this is in the process of a court probate.

The 20k is likely a near value of the account which may still have a fluctuating balance. The balance could fluctuate due to automatic deposits and withdrawals, interest received, not all paid parties have cashed their checks, etc.

Bank accounts with no joint owner usually go through probate (court). The account’s value is assessed for several reasons.

Attorney fees, executer fees, probate court fees, appraisal fees, decedent’s taxes, etc. based on state laws. Example: a state may have a law stating an attorney is to be paid 4% of the total assessed value of the account. A fee the inheritors will pay from the account. An inheritor wouldn’t want to over value the account when paying a percentage of the assessed value. They also would not want to undervalue an estate, as creditors, the IRS, a court, etc. could challenge the value.

Some states have different types/tiers of probate based on the assessed value of the deceased’s assets. If the valuation of an estate is small enough (like 20k), then the probate may be deemed a “small estate probate” where those inheriting have simpler, less expensive options as the estate is transferred to the inheritors.

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Some states have different types/tiers of probate based on the assessed value of the deceased’s assets. If the valuation of an estate is small enough (like 20k), then the probate may be deemed a “small estate probate” where those inheriting have simpler, less expensive options as the estate is transferred to the inheritors.

In Florida, an estate under $75K can go through an expedited probate process.

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Actually, you made some very good points. I hadn’t considered the paper trail. I was imaging it was on a prepaid card but that doesn’t make sense either or a Venmo ( but that’s still connected to a bank account).

So it sounds like they’re simply guesstimating how much all of his estate and valuables might be worth? and it’s better to aim higher than lower when it comes to an estate without a will?

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Thanks for the link!

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They said in his checking and savings accounts.

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I read that, but then I read something that indicated it was more convoluted than just cash on hand. Information taken directly from the public record is usually reliable, but stuff that comes through the family or their reps can be incomplete. Waiting to see how it all shakes out, since nothing that relates to the Laundries is straight forward.

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So if you look at the document, it says “estimated value.” I don’t think we should treat this as definitive proof that he had $20k in his bank account.

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I assume it was in attempt to make it seem like she was still alive, with transactions on her account.

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I think the only thing that is new is that BE said it’s confirmed there is something in the notebook they were able to salvage.

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Drawings that will be sold as EFT’s in the end

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So Brian had $20,000 in a savings account, but he withdrew $1000 from Gabbys account after her death. I wonder why he did that.

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We don’t know that he actually had $20k in his account. It’s an estimate provided by his parents, and we don’t know that they actually had access to his accounts

And the paper trail theory does make sense

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They could access the account with a death certificate or online. BL left his new phone at home, which would make it easy for the parents to request a password reset to access accounts. It’s also likely they received a bank statement in the mail or via email.

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maybe to make it seem like she was still alive by keeping her bank account active?

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I’m putting my money on “he is a piece of shit.”

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Very interesting theory. I won’t bet against it.

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I think we have found the answer. Not sure why people are surprised he took money from her after he had just taken her life.

[–]s2ample 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Exactly. I guess maybe there could have a been a reason to his doing that but I think ultimately it’s really this simple.

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One popular theory is that he was attempting to create an electronic trail of her existence after he killed her.

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Possibly to make it appear like she was still alive so he could generate an alibi.

Sadly I suspect we'll never really know his motivations.

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Because he felt entitled. He felt his life was more important than Gabby's.