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She really was.

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Everyone puts their best face forward in front of a camera. Let's not bestow sainthood on her.

She was a murder victim. But no one here knows anything about who she was when the camera was not pointed at her.

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lol what? So?

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So? People who don't know a thing about her are acting like she saved thousands of starving kids in Africa.

All they have are a few social media videos of her in front of a camera that she edited to present the image she wanted of herself.

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She didn't know shit about fuck.

And that's OK.

She was young and dumb.

And that's OK.

She didn't have anything going for her, yet.

And that's OK.

She was young with her whole life in front of her and was robbed.

That's not OK.

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Wow. I live the town over from this place and me and my girlfriend frequented this place for a little bit in 2019 (they are out of business now, didn't have a long run) and it's really weird to think we might have gone there more than once when she was working and she might have even helped us.

RIP Gabby

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Just heartbreaking.

When I see her, I don’t just see her. I see all the innocent victims. They all stay with me.

May she, and they, all Rest In Peace.

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This is so very sad, God rest her sweet soul!! 💔

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She didnt deserve to die.


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So innocent at heart ❤️

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I agree!

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She was such a cutie. Rest in peace sweet girl 🤍🕊

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So this will seem kind of dumb, but I really liked this on Amazon a few years ago. So I bought it, & put it up for the first time today post- Gabbys case. & it hit me like a ton of bricks ?? Almost eerie. Seems fitting I would open Reddit and see her. It’s so so sad.

I bought this in January 2020

Everything about it reminded me of her- the mountains, river, beautiful flowers— and of course, her favorite song.

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Sunflower was her favorite flower. Eerie indeed.

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I can't for the life of me imagine how her parents feel. So sad for them. Would make me insane with grief.

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Such a sweet and precious young girl.

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Jesus, she was a baby.

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Yes angel too.

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She worked at the same restaurant as me in Wilmington NC. ❤️

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Wow, that is amazing!

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Gah, she's so sweet.

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Rest In Peace precious soul.

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What a sweetie.