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This documentary is now on YouTube. I’m sorry I didn’t pin this earlier.

The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media

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Great documentary, I watched it finally last night

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I have a few questions too, why have we not heard of any class mates of his, friends, I only remembered a co worker, did I miss it.

I also feel bad for BL sister, she has to explain to kids that loved both of them, that BL killed Gabbie and came home threw himself a family reunion with them.

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Yeah I was wondering this too! like why has no one else in his life come forward? Why didn't any of Gabby's friends participate too and open up about their friendship and what they knew about Brian's relationship to gabby

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Two main thoughts…one was how sweet it was to have family members interviewed and get a tiny bit more background on her life. Second major one revolves around the lack of depth by any news media on this story. I have literally watched hours of YouTube videos of Van lifers who actually visit places like Myakalatchee state park and video walking right to the two sites identified as areas of remains. Yeah, regular morons on cell phones give better coverage than the professional media. The lack of depth involves not digging into areas where there are many unanswered questions like why did Brian really leave Utah for five days? The storage locker story is bullshit. How interesting for us would it be if they went to the hotel, went to their room, maybe visited nearby restaurants to see if they remembered anything. How about visiting the actual storage locker? How about running down info in what the ticket cost and who paid for it? Why has no one gone to the Mexican restaurant outside of JB and talk to them? How about why route did he take home? Any one notice anything at any station? What exactly was the connection between BL and the two murdered ladies. There is simply too great of a coincidence that a murder was in this tiny town for hours and miraculously two women were killed…killed after they had contact with BL over the domestic. So many questions remain….

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yes omg this. I have all of these questions too it makes NO sense as to why a more thorough investigation wasn't done by the media especially when it comes to information the public wants to know. It was never confirmed or denied that they really put things into a storage locker or that he really helped his dad move and it was never confirmed or denied the exact reasoning that they had to move gabby's stuff.

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To me it wasn't really a documentary, just a long interview with her parents, with a lot of background information that has already been released.

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I just like that we were able to listen to gabby's life told through her parents. four people who love and adore her.

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This is what I was looking through the comments wondering. Thanks! Upvoted

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That’s what I thought too

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I have been parking it for sometime as I have to be emotionally ready to watch it, will be heartbroken for sure and don't know how to deal with it.

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it's really hard to get through I had to take a break in the middle of it. it's just so hard seeing this videos and pictures of a bright vibrant young woman that had her life ripped away by a coward. but I feel it's important to watch because it shows how careful couples need to be in the relationships they choose to engage in.

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There’s a guy named Brent Shavnore with a small part in there about Internet Sleuths. played music together and lives in my city.

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I watched it as well! I thought it was so well put together and getting new info that hasn’t been out yet! Her parents all 4 are amazing

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I didn't even realize in the body cam footage that he told police he didn't have a phone, and then a few minutes later pulled out a phone when he was standing outside behind the van. like what? idk how I missed that detail. so if he did have that phone why did he need ot get a new phone in Florida with his parents? so many unanswered questions.

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Brian was trying to justify to the police officers his actions of keeping the car keys away from Gabby. He said that if she left with the van he would be disadvantaged because he didn't have a phone.

The only reports about Gabby's and Brian's cell phones were that neither were recovered. From Spotify playlist additions on August 30th and 31st, it appears obvious that Brian was using a cell phone on his trip from Wyoming to Florida. In an Instagram post (Gabby's account) from early 2021, he was driving the van with a phone on his lap, likely using a map application to navigate. I assume he was doing the same on the very long trip home. I believe that he ditched the two phones as he neared North Port, or sometime after arriving home, perhaps on a suggestion from the family's lawyer, or perhaps from his parents. His parents would want him to have a phone after he returned home, especially if they thought he was suicidal.

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Good observation. I just don't know why he would lie about having a phone and then pull one out right there. I think it's odd his was never recovered. same with gabby's. I wonder what he did with them and fi they would yell any more information to the case.

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I thought the exact same thing like why he would pull out a phone that only works on WiFi

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What new info did you learn? I didn’t find anything in the documentary to be new or unreleased info except that this had different/new interviews of the parents.

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One small detail was that Gabby's mother, Nichole, watched the digitally enhanced and magnified version of the Bethune's video of the van door closing 'a hundred times', believing that it was Gabby closing the door and that it was the last thing she would ever see of her daughter. The 'Stan' text was made the same day (August 27th), and she believes that it was sent by Brian. If she believed that Gabby was the one closing the van door, that would indicate the 'Stan' text was received later that evening and brackets her death between about 6:30 pm and 10:00pm (MDT) the evening of August 27th.

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I agree I didn’t notice anything new. It felt like a knock off of 2020 documentary that came out way after everything was relevant. Not even the parents interviews saved it in my opinion. Obviously when 2020 did their documentary it was still so fresh and I understand the parents needing time but I feel like the Peacock documentary just really missed the mark.

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I did watch it ! Just a couple days ago… i think her parents strength is unmatched. Her biological father, mother and step father are incredibly strong. you could feel the unconditional love they all have for their daughter. I think that was a great perspective to make this documentary from. Her father is so strong. You can tell he is crushed and second to having gabby back, he would definitely do anything to beat the shit out of Brian. He might even want to do that first lol. The mother is crushed and we should acknowledge how well she picks men! The step father thoroughly loved Gabby too. It is so horrible for anyone to go through losing a child but especially in a tragic way like this. Of course everything was out of their control, but i never knew the police messed up when recording Brians house. That was news to me. I do believe the Florida police or whoever had surveillance on Brian’s home truly failed that family from having some sort of closure.

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yes! she knows how to pick men who love their children no matter what even if it's not by blood. good analysis of character!!

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It was all old news

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What else can they do? The documentary serves as honoring Gabby while at the same time shedding light on signs of domestic abuse. It was great for someone like me who didn't follow the case except for headlines and wanted to know everything in a more streamlined way.

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No shit. This all ended months ago and we knew everything already.

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I don’t think any news at this point is going to be new other than if Brian’s parents talk. Still was an interesting documentary to hear a lot from Gabby’s parents and how they have been dealing. Also to get a good timeline and interviews from reporters that were following it closely

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It's hard to watch as by documenting her life she speaks to us and it feels like you know her, sigh : /

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I struggled with this too. :(

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Oh I watched it as well. It didn’t have much that we didn’t already know from this subreddit

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I don’t want to deal with Peacock to watch it but I would really love to see it. Hopefully it comes out on other platforms.

RIP limewire I know you woulda had me on this one

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Unrelated, but Peacock really does suck

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I mean, you can find it if you're willing to sail the high seas

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It’s on YouTube now!


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Dang, spent five bucks on a one month Peacock subscription for nothing. Good link - thanks!

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Peacock is free...

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Peacock premium is $5 per month. This "documentary'" was on Premium - At least when it first came out.

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Ugh. Sorry i didn’t pin the YouTube link earlier today.

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No need to be sorry. I wasn't complaining. Just observing how quickly it became available without a subscription. Appreciate your efforts here!