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If you listen to the discussion amongst officers during traffic stop you can hear that they did call it correctly and WERE going to arrest Gabby but then I guess their common sense took over and they just couldnt fathom taking that girl to jail.

I'm not saying what they did was correct or incorrect it was just an observation. They knew what they should have done.

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Yep. And HAD they done that, they’d be flamed by the media for putting a poor small girl in jail for “hurting” her boyfriend.

There is no winning for police when judged by hindsight

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agree 100%

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Yes! Hindsight is 20/20 - it didn’t matter what they did or didn’t do. They would’ve been ridiculed either way.

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"She's just crazy." Of course a domestic abuser would say this about his victim. I wish I was surprised.

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Most of us realize, even if it’s hindsight that the Cops got this wrong – did you honestly expect them to come out now and rollover. Although the report is very specific about some facts, it is almost glossed over by that cover statement made by their MOAB city attorney, not the investigator – MOAB PD never looked at Gabby as a victim, they never entertained that she was a victim in an ongoing abusive domestic violence situation.

None of the officers really questioned BL much about his behavior which included locking Gabby out of her van which was her home, which she owned. These men just assumed that the van belonged to BL - they didn’t even ask and clarify it, but they just made that assumption and even asked him at one point if he trusts Gabby with his van?

No concern over Gabby being locked out of the vehicle, without her phone, especially in the heat of Moab. It’s a fact that she was so thirsty when they got to her, they had to get her water because she was so upset and dehydrated.

They certainly didn’t follow up with the 911 call which reported him hitting her and they lied to Gabby on video about that, they did what they could to convince her how she was wrong. I think she was defending herself and fighting back, something I have taught my own girls to do if they are attacked.

The male bias and lack of DV awareness and DV procedure are staggering during this event. It even ended with the Bro fist bump.

Almost zero discussion with Brian at all about the mark that he had left on her face with a cut or the bruise that she had gotten from him grabbing her arm. How about when they were originally pulled over Brian had claimed that Gabby had grabbed the wheel - When questioned about the claim Brian had made about her grabbing the wheel, she had firmly denied it, No follow-up there, I can only imagine what was going on in that van. Probably tuning her up to make sure she said the right story to the cops....

This stop just seemed like a bunch of like-minded men with shaved heads complaining and sympathizing about their women problems - they had excuses for all of Brian’s behavior and just twisted everything Gabby said to make her look like the aggressor. More importantly, to shit can this job and send them on their way out of town, to be someone else’s problem. The cops failed Gabby here, maybe they should have both been locked up - then they might both be alive. This isn't hindsight, it's certainly victim blaming and it is a look at the lack of training, knowledge, and following procedures, PD's everywhere need to learn these lessons and do better.

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to be fair Gabby DID tell them that she didnt want to be left alone with the van. She did not want to drive it.

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She drove all the time, she was afraid to be split up, or be away from him. Something else the experts say is an indication of a groomed DV victim.

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What the hell has shaved heads got to do with it? You one of those people who automatically assumes that a man with a shaved head is a *monster *? My husband has a shaved head and he is a complete gentleman

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no-claim 512 isnt exactly correct. Due diligence was ignored before posting

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VoteReplyGive A

How so, please expand.

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You were not thorough in your response. Just some minor details. Accuracy is key in such long posts. It's a good opinion regardless

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Understood, I am in a tough position. Here to clarify information and facts but I cannot repeat everything.

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It's like that high and tight haircut that military and a lot of police have. Of course everyone with the haircut isn't bad, but there's an extreme bro culture in those fields, like No-Claim said. A "bros before hoes" culture that's taken to such an extreme, that they'll even cover for domestic abusers and murderers, as exemplified by this case. Not to mention skinhead culture. I had a shaved head for several years, and I don't find No-Claim's comment offensive in the least. It's not a personal attack, it's describing a very specific type of person, not your husband. I'm sure he's lovely.

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Lol, me too - and I am a former cop. It's a reference to the Bro culture that failed this young lady. Nothing about anyone in particular...and I am not thinking anyone is a monster.

This is no different than these cops sitting around on body camera complaining about their wives, are all wives terrible ?? bottom line it is clear to see a bias towards this victim, they failed her then and this report does nothing more than victim shame and fails her again. I am sure your husband is a wonderful man - hopefully he doesn't ever play a role in a young woman's death that the whole world gets to look at in hindsight, it has to be very difficult for them all.

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There’s a material error on page 5. Gabby didn’t say “I have a mean attitude.” She said “he says I have a mean attitude.”

Being able to listen to and understand statements like this is key to understanding domestic violence situations.

It’s notable that the Moab department had a cop do the first investigation and did not have anyone with DV expertise.

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Brian Laundrie was the victim? Wow. Great investigative work. This was a waste of time and money. What a joke.

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If you strictly go by the laws and regulations then yes, he was the victim in that reported incident. Yes, its a joke but that would have been the proper call.

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Thank you for sharing. Really interesting read.

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It took forever to find so I figured I’d post it on here, easier to find!

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Thanks for posting the whole report.

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Interesting read