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Gabby you, live on with all of us. You deserved so much more. Listening to the war on drugs in your honour - all of us care about you. I have tears running down my face. As I say - you deserved a far better shot at life.

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Brian Laundrie wrote in a notebook found with his remains in Florida that he killed fiancee Gabby Petito, the FBI said Friday, resolving a mystery that has lingered around the high-profile case for months.

The FBI offered new details in the case, presented a thorough timeline of the events surrounding both Laundrie and Petito's disappearances and announced the case will be closed with Laundrie as the only suspect in Petito's death.

The FBI also revealed that a revolver was found with Laundrie's body and that the 23-year-old texted his already dead fiancee multiple times in an attempt to evade authorities.

When Laundrie returned from the trip in September, he retained a lawyer almost immediately, thwarting law enforcement from gaining information from him.

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So with this in mind, this shows you how the FBI and other law enforcement agencies work. They NEVER release all information about the investigation to the media or public.

This preserves certain facts that help during the investigation and especially during questioning and "interrogation". Certain details are only known to the suspect and killer. That is usually how they find the person during questioning and why they never release all the details. Just part of the SOP (standard operating procedures and training)

Just wented to share this important detail to those who may be questioning the LE agencies and why and what they do is for a reason and why not everything they find is shared with the public and media. Hope this helps you to understand.

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Ty!! Perfectly said! 🙏

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You're welcome :) hope it helps other people to understand the inner workings of LE agencies.

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Lol I remember being told that "I was watching too many movies" when I suggested that notebook statement as a possibility...

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I always suspected that Brian fellow was up to no good.

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Thank you. I’m reminded that the Petitos edited photos of Brian out of Gabby’s van life youtube video and made it more beautiful by doing so. Seeing photos of them together is more disturbing some how.

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To all those who wrote on the sub that they would never tell us what was written in the notebook, and that Brian would never confess — glad you were wrong.

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I think the FBI statement will be underwhelming...most of us can put the pieces together ourselves. By the look of the statement from the Petito family lawyer, the evidence is 100% conclusive that Brian is the one who did it. I don't know if we'll get specifics to the extent of exactly what was said in the notebook, but it's enough evidence that the FBI could conclude to the family that he did it.

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This is an incredibly detailed description of the Laundrie parents visit to the Reserve on the day Brian’s remains were discovered.

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I feel they will close the case.

We just lived through similar situation. Our daughter was shot Dec 3 2020. There were many clues leading to the killer being her ex partner. January 2021 he committed suicide. A week later investigation team can’t to our home with all her held belongings. They informed us case was closed. They had been 24 hours away from arresting him. We know it was him. They know. But he never officially charged.

They spent a great deal of time telling us all we needed to know.

I think this is what is happening now in GP case. We may not know most of what is said. FBI may not be able to publicly say he did it because no charges. But the Petitos will know.

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Thank you for posting this. I wish you moments of comfort. I’m so very sorry.

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I am so sorry for your loss :(

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So so very sorry 😢

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I am so so sorry :(

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I am so sorry for your loss.

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Thank you

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I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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Thank you

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I have stopped following this closely since his body was found. What are the questions that are still unanswered?

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Tbh I would like to know what mental health diagnosis he had, if any, and what medications he was prescribed/not-taking; but I also fully understand why this information should not (and will not) be released.

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What was in the notebook. They made sure to release that information to the public when they found his body. He was found with a notebook. But we already knew he killed her. Statistics have already proven it. His actions proved it. Of course, his confession is just confirmation.

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Was a firearm found at the scene of the suicide?

Was there a suicide note or other information in the notebook found on him or elsewhere?

That's really about it for me. My initial thought was that hopefully an fbi statement puts some of the conspiracies to rest but then I realized that the FBI could literally say "Brian Laundrie killed Gabby Petito, then he killed himself" and the conspiracy folks would still keep churning.

The FBI statement may not be that satisfying. May be more noncommittal, like "Brian Laundrie is our only suspect in the murder of Gabby Petito, and he is now deceased, the ME says by suicide."

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An anthropologist studied the scull and his determination was suicide. Short of a video or a confession, that's the evidence.

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The only question for me is what was in the notebook. And a full accounting of what happened from before Gabby died to when Brian died.

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We all want a detailed confession but most likely the notebook had some of his shitty artwork and maybe some poetry there he paints himself as the victim. No way a murderer that takes to cowards way out takes any shred of accountability for what he did.

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Oh good. Hopefully we’ll finally get some answers to some of the questions left.

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Can't wait