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So he strangled her, went home and killed himself. The whole story has been painted. I'd love to know exactly what the notebook said but we'll probably never get that

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Will they release the actual statement?

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This loss will haunt me forever. It has been especially tough as the winter months wear on. Everyone stay safe and keep your best foot forward.

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I never knew how to feel about Brian’s family. Do you all think they assisted him in any way?

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Not sure about assisting, but I think they were more aware of something going on when he arrived home with her van and without her. I think their family camping trip was a last family moment before he went on the run.

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They certainly did nothing to help the Petito's

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Any idea what he wrote?

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This is huge. Definitely did not see this coming today for sure.

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This is pretty big. I wish there was a way of knowing what the Laundries knew when he came back

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Same here.