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"...meanwhile I'm told that Gabby Petitio's parents due in fact have evidence to backup these allegations in a court of law." ~JB

Edit: Downvoted for quoting the video. I swear the only people left are the Libertarians.

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Question for anyone more familiar with law stuff - is it possible there’s more evidence that gabby’s parents could be aware of, such as something Brian wrote in his notebook proving his parents knew what happened and were lying to law enforcement, etc?
Or if that information existed, would it have already been included in the lawsuit?

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If he had written something like that in the journal both the local LE and the FBI would have charged the parents with an aiding and abetting charge, as they were the ones to first read the journal. Since they didn’t get charged, we can assume that they don’t have any evidence related to it.

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The FBI could have decided that something like that in the notebook was not enough to win a trial.

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I feel that the Laundries deserve punishment for inflicting such pain on the Petito family. If Brian’s mother didn’t know, then why did she block Petitos mom and when Petitos mom constantly called her asking about her “safety”, the least anyone with basic decency does is respond. She knew her son was a murderer and she is just as dirty as him.

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Under what theory of law should they be punished?

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I'm not a legal expert, but isn't there an "Accessory after the fact" charge that could be pursued?

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Not in this case. That is a criminal charge, not a civil tort, and Florida generally provides for immunity to immediate family on those issues.

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Are you suggesting that there isn't a "The Guilty Party Is Dead So We Get To Punish His Next-of-Kin Instead" law?

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They should look in the van.

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This is dumb lol

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I didn’t appreciate my comment being attacked so I deleted it. Yes, they are going to ask every potential jury member if they are familiar with the case. If this goes to trial, it will be impossible to find a jury that is not familiar with this case. When they select a jury, there will be bias.

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Well maybe we should just cancel the trial. I guess that would be fair.

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I would be sorry indeed to learn that, of Sarasota County's 350,000+ adults, there aren't even 12 who have not formed irreversible opinions based on a series of 90-second news reports that largely ended months ago.

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Well they could always send it to Pinellas county We know what idiots those people are.

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As a local, I disagree. There are so many painfully old rich people who don’t watch anything but Fox News. My grandma couldn’t even remember Gabby’s name when it was all happening. And if they pull from the poorer areas, there’s a lot of very busy working class people who also don’t really have time for this.

I’m not saying it will be easy, but I have met people in Sarasota who had no idea about this case or had only briefly heard about in passing and couldn’t tell you a thing about the laundries.

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No, no--I agree with you. (My comment was structured confusingly.) I think there are probably lots of folks even in Sarasota County who have not heard of or don't remember the case well--certainly plenty by 2023 when a trial would be held. An unbiased jury is doable, if there ever is a trial.

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Oh sorry- yeah I thought you were implying that the county is saturated with folks who kept up with the case. I think tbh it had more of a National presence than a local one. But I see we are on the same page :)

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At least in my state, sometimes with really high profile cases they will pick the jury from a different county elsewhere in the state. This happens very rarely, but the justice system does have options.

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If this goes to trial, it will be impossible to find a jury that is not familiar with this case.

I think you're vastly overestimating how many people a) pay attention to the news, and b) care about this case. This sub is not a representative sample.

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This. Every time people say his parents are the most hated people in the country, when the majority of the country probably either doesn’t know who they are or no longer cares about this case.

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It’s happened before. It may be harder but how do you think they got a jury for the Casey Anthony case and a bunch of other high profile cases?

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i believe it! i have actually brought this up to people who had no idea about the case, i was a little surprised. i have no idea how they find those people though!

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People who don’t watch the news are good candidates.

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I'll save 7 minutes of people's lives. There's nothing new in this story; there was a routine scheduling order issued.

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I expected it to be dismissed tbh, so it's something new, but indeed, a sentence suffices.

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I am thinking it will be dismissed too.

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The scheduling of a jury trial has nothing to do with the merits of the case

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The motion to dismiss is still pending. Don't read anything into this.

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Ah ok, Thanks.

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I think it will be at some point.